The Suburban Monk

Mini Inspirational Monk - Starter Kit Case of 10

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Cutest God Ever

1/16/2017 by Elizabeth

Brought big smiles from everybody I gave one to.


Very nice

1/15/2017 by Catherine

Used as stocking stuffer, I ordered two. I am very pleased with my purchase.


Cute, happy, & small

1/15/2017 by Karen

It is quite cute and the woman I gave it to adored it! She loves purple!


Syd was a BIG hit!

1/13/2017 by Julie

I purchased 3 of the Monks in different colors for different people and each was a big hit with my loved ones. I took each one out of the package before I wrapped them and found myself smiling. They have that blissful look and a familiar feel. I'm very happy with this purchase.


I love this little guy!

12/20/2016 by CNC

The Grommet has such unique offerings. I've never seen this item anywhere else. I have my inspirational monk on my desk at work. Anytime I start to feel a little stressed, which is more often than not, I look at him and smile and feel grounded again. Thank you!


Perfect for my black belt friend

5/16/2020 by Leann

This is adorable. I haven’t purchased it yet though for the same reason that was mentioned above which is it seems a little pricey for something so tiny. I would pay up to $20, but not $25. And that’s before shipping.



3/31/2020 by Cheryl

A little expensive but worth it to bring a smile in these uncertain times.



2/13/2019 by Rob

My daughter liked it


she loves him

1/2/2019 by Vaughan

My daughter in law is a fan of all things Buddish (sp?) just tickles her....and why not?


My monk makes me smile

5/16/2018 by Linda

Gotta love anything that makes you smile.

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The Suburban Monk Story

How can you not smile at Syd?

Blissful Buddha

Syd the laughing monk gives you two thumbs up, a joyous smile, and overall good vibes.

This miniature statue comes in a myriad of glossy colors with different meanings. For example, indigo stands for intuition while the more discreet ebony represents protection and elegance.

Maker Ellen Atkins was in a transitional stage of life and found a fun way to cope. She would dress up a laughing monk statue on her desk with affirmations and quotes. It was a simple gesture that brought her great joy. Now Syd brings color and amusement to other people.

Keep this little guy nestled between books on a
shelf, holding your rings with his little arms, spreading good vibes in the kitchen, or hanging out on a friend’s desk. Regardless of where you place him, you’ll find him thumbs-up and mid-chuckle. Read More Read Less