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Really brightens and whitens teeth-

1/25/2016 by Esther

I have been using these and see a big difference- highly recommend in addition to using a brush with toothpaste.



1/19/2016 by Kate

Useful and fun! Sooo nice to have an on the go option!


No Complaints

1/14/2016 by Samantha

I have no complaints about the quality of the Miswak it cleans my teeth and makes them super fresh.


Fast and works!

1/14/2016 by Theo

Does not take much time to see some results it is really fast to start whitening my teeth.


Very Effective

1/12/2016 by Kelly

Makes my mouth feel so fresh and clean very very effective


Great product.

1/12/2016 by Nancy

Very effective and handy way to clean teeth.


Very pleasant to use

1/11/2016 by Mark

The miswak is very pleasant and nice to use against my sensitive teeth.


Great product

1/11/2016 by Angela

I bought these for my daughter and she loves them!


Miswak is the best.

1/10/2016 by Kimberly

Miswak works so much better than the average product. It makes my mouth feel fresh and new after use. 5 stars reccomended.


Fast Shipping

1/10/2016 by Timothy

The quality of the miswak product excels above similar ones and they did ship it fast directly. Most Reccomended.

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The Miswak Club Story

Miswak Club v2

Branch Out

Brushing your teeth with a twig might sound strange, but the miswak is an ancient method backed by both the World Health Organization and the American Dental Association. People in the Middle East, India, and Africa have been using miswaks for centuries.

A miswak is a Peelu tree branch, which has natural fibers and a list of effective natural ingredients for oral health. Nibble back the bark, reveal the miswak’s bristles, then brush. Naturally occurring antiseptics and oils help kill germs and freshen breath. It also has resins that protect enamel, and natural abrasives like silica and sodium
bicarbonate—a.k.a. baking soda—that gently scrub and whiten.

As for the Miswak Club, Founder Rahat Bashar started it after searching for an all-natural alternative to dental products riddled with mysterious chemicals. When he learned about the miswak, he created the “Club” to bring it to others. And he decided to harvest the best kind—their trees are grown in healthy soil that contains no chemicals or pesticides. These miswaks are lightly colored, which means they are fresh and flexible.

Since you don’t need water (or toothpaste) to brush, a miswak is great for camping and other outdoor excursions. One also makes a nice supplement to your normal routine, traveling easily in a backpack or purse. Wherever you use it, it’s a great way to “branch out” when it comes to oral hygiene.
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