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We love Möbi!

12/2/2015 by Janete

Möbi is a fun way to learn math for kids and the adults enjoy it too. In my house when the little guys are playing the others have to use all 4 operations, just to make fair. We love Möbi!!!!



12/1/2015 by Richard

I purchased three of these to send to each of my grandchildren's homes.

Especially with todays excuse "common core" the kids need all the help they can get.

Spoke with the parents before purchasing and they all agreed....YES!!!!!!!

Looking forward to the addition of other math symbols.



11/26/2015 by Lynnda

I sent it this to my niece in South America. She was challenged by math but loves games. This is her new favorite game!


Great Family Game

11/25/2015 by Dot

I purchased this game for my grade school children (10 and 8). We have a blast playing it together. It get them excited about math and is a nice departure from the common board games of chance or those that build spelling skills. Thumbs up!


Creating Lasting Memories

11/22/2015 by SHANON

We are purchasing this game because we want to try to make this more like a Scrabble theme where you're given so many blue tiles to begin with, (leaving the white ones accessible for anyone), but when it's ur turn, you draw a blue tile from the Whale until u can make a 'pod". Who ever runs out of blue tiles first wins.

To make it even more challenging, one can add a minute 'sand timer' which can also allow the player to play as many tiles as possible during that time!

Mobi gives a family multiple ways of creating lasting memories including learning one of the most important subjects kids will need their entire lives; MATH!


Love it!

11/11/2015 by Hattie

I bought this thinking it would be a good game for my middle school math students to practice skills with if they finish early, and they love it! I'm hoping to get a few more sets soon!


A huge hit!

11/9/2015 by Jennifer

My niece LOVES this game! And she HATES math!!! Awesome product!!


Other tiles available?

11/1/2015 by Gayle

Question: Are you considering adding tiles that will include these signs: > < <= >=

I'm a math tutor and this game would be fun for my pre-algebra and algebra 1 students while reinforcing the algebra concepts.

I saw someone has already asked for exponents and radical signs, too. That would be great!



Great game

10/29/2015 by Preet

We love this game !, we play it with our 8 year old and she loves it. Helped her with her math skills. We even modified it a bit by limiting our use of the operators and letting her use as many as she wants. Great fun, highly recommended.


Excellent game

10/27/2015 by Joan

"a fun and educational game." The kids love it and don't realize they are learning in the process.

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The Möbi Story

Math lovers (and haters) unite!

Calculated Fun

Möbi is a fun, fast-paced number tile game. The goal is to make simple math equations as quickly as possible—a great way for kids or grown-ups to apply math skills. Plus, it comes in an adorable blue whale.

Players draw blue number tiles, then use them to create simple equations (like 2+3=5) by including white math tiles (plus signs, minus signs, multiplication signs, etc.). Each valid equation is called a “pod.” Keep using your blue tiles to build new equations on those pods, almost like a crossword.

The first one to use all their blue tiles yells “Möbi” to win. Wild card tiles and a few
other creative rules make this a great family game. Want to play with younger kids? Just remove the multiplication and division tiles.

With no scores to calculate or paper or pencils, all you need to play Möbi is a flat surface. It’s a great travel, beach, or picnic game. And it can help kids with hand-eye coordination, cooperative play, and automaticity, which is the ability to apply learning automatically without actively thinking about it.

Wife-husband creators Vanessa and Mark Ellingson like classic word games (Scrabble, Bananagrams) that disguise learning as play. They wanted to invent a game their son, Noah, would stay interested in as he grows up.

Whether or not you think you love math, you’re bound to love Möbi.
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