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Great game!

6/9/2018 by Courtney

My kids love this game! It’s reminiscent of dominoes and a game called Mexican Train that our family loves to play! This is a great family game that gets learning in!!!


Great product

4/14/2018 by Don

Grandkids love it.


Makes one think

1/27/2018 by YorkieVilleMom

Grand-daughters are young, but smart and enjoy a new challenge. This little game is perfect.


Math Magic!

1/9/2018 by Margaret

Well bought it for my niece (4 yrs) but was given as a Christmas gift to my other niece (19 yrs/College). The 19 year old will less likely swallow the tiles as the 4 year old probably would ingest. Got reviews back from the College student and her housemates - Mobi is a hit! Great stress reliever for those study breaks in house kitchen - with snacks, coffee, and arithmetic! Camaraderie and Calculations creates challenges and cheer!


Great tool

12/28/2017 by Eliza

I bought this for my daughter who is a math specialist in an elementary school. She loves it!


Math practice

12/11/2017 by Janet

This is a fun way to practice basic math without paper and pencil.


Fun with learning

12/11/2017 by Susan

Great game for kids and parents to learn and use math facts.


Great teaching aid

11/13/2017 by Gerald

This is really a great aid in teaching about numbers, counting, math and games. 3 year old started with recognizing numbers, then laid out a line counting up from 1 to 12. Working on basic addition. It seems to keep his interest as he appears to feel like he is playing while he learns. Highly recommend


Wonderful Gift

9/15/2017 by Abby

We love it!!!


Learning with fun!

2/27/2017 by Bonnie

My 11 year old grandson has always been a lover of numbers, and is a whiz at Math. When I saw this game on Grommet, I knew it was perfect for him! Although I purchased it at Christmas, I knew he was receiving many gifts, so I put it away. On Valentine's Day, this was a perfect present for him. Again, Grommet offered something different, fun and perfect for kids and adults.

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The Möbi Story

Math lovers (and haters) unite!

Calculated Fun

Möbi is a fun, fast-paced number tile game. The goal is to make simple math equations as quickly as possible—a great way for kids or grown-ups to apply math skills. Plus, it comes in an adorable blue whale.

Players draw blue number tiles, then use them to create simple equations (like 2+3=5) by including white math tiles (plus signs, minus signs, multiplication signs, etc.). Each valid equation is called a “pod.” Keep using your blue tiles to build new equations on those pods, almost like a crossword.

The first one to use all their blue tiles yells “Möbi” to win. Wild card tiles and a few
other creative rules make this a great family game. Want to play with younger kids? Just remove the multiplication and division tiles.

With no scores to calculate or paper or pencils, all you need to play Möbi is a flat surface. It’s a great travel, beach, or picnic game. And it can help kids with hand-eye coordination, cooperative play, and automaticity, which is the ability to apply learning automatically without actively thinking about it.

Wife-husband creators Vanessa and Mark Ellingson like classic word games (Scrabble, Bananagrams) that disguise learning as play. They wanted to invent a game their son, Noah, would stay interested in as he grows up.

Whether or not you think you love math, you’re bound to love Möbi.
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