Moderne Monocle

Harlow Monocle Necklace

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6/20/2019 by Bobby

I am so happy with this purchase! I am getting so many compliments! It looks so nice with all of my clothes!


She still talks to me...

5/28/2019 by Jeff

I told my wife that I bought it for my workshop but she could wear if for awhile. Must work very well because she still talks to me...he he he. The chain could be just a little bit more robust.


Returned it...

6/26/2019 by Lori

While a cute concept, it felt weird to me. I had to hold it too close for a casual peek. Guess I am just really trying to hide my need for glasses! Haha.
I guess the rating is really for me...

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The Moderne Monocle Story

Eye Spy

When it comes to balancing form and function, Moderne Monocle does it beautifully—though you might not realize it at first glance. The crystal-looking pendants? One can sneakily help you see better because it works like reading glasses. Hold the pendant a few inches from your eye and move what you want to read closer until it comes into focus. It works best for those with a reading glass prescription of +1.0 to +3.5.

Wearing a necklace is the perfectly polished solution to not needing to reach for those glasses, which is what inspired Maker Malia Mathis. Malia didn’t love the look of reading
glasses on her, so she created a convenient solution disguised as a sparkly accessory. Read More Read Less