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The Modgy Story

Lumizu - Expandable & Collapsable Lanterns

Ambient Light

Everybody loves the ambiance that candles create but everyone also has the same thought, “That is so going to catch on fire!” No matter the occasion, whether a wedding, an outdoor barbecue or even a relaxing retreat in the bathtub, the soft glow of a luminary can provide the perfect atmosphere. Luckily, those at Modgy have created these luminaries so everyone can relax and enjoy the glow with their LED lanterns.

Modgy luminaries incorporate innovative LED technology and eco-friendly materials with modern, sleek graphics that will brighten up any gathering without the risks and worries of an
open flame. The LED light is water-activated and will turn off once removed from the water. It is also completely shatterproof as opposed to real glass, which means that it’s safe to have around. Each package includes four luminaries and four white LED candles. The LED tea lights last for many hours and so they can be used for multiple events. To use, simply fill the luminary with water and drop in an LED light. When finished, empty the water, let the luminary dry and store it flat in a drawer since it is completely collapsible.

What a “bright” idea!
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