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We love it!

10/19/2020 by Nannette

Our family loves to play outdoor games and this one was a big hit! It's not just a throwing game where accuracy is important. There is strategy which makes it interesting!


Fun to play

7/23/2020 by Patty

At first I thought that everyone would knock them down, and it'd be no fun. To my surprise it was not that way. It was more difficult, and that made it competitive to play


Molkky is a great game.

7/17/2020 by Timothy

It’s easy to learn and yet challenging to play for all ages.


Hit with the family!

6/26/2020 by M. L.

I took this game over to my daughter's house for my son-in-law's Father's Day dinner. Everyone really enjoyed playing it, and I thought it was much nicer than sitting inside around a table playing an indoor game.


Great Family Game

6/9/2020 by Pat

Bought it for a gift for my 9 yr old grandson during our Covid stay at home environment and online schooling ending for summertime. What a fun family game. Easy to learn but not so easy to win. Looked online and saw less expensive games but not made of high quality wood as this one is. Definitely buy....you will have this to hand down for generations. Have Fun


Fun game, good source!

6/9/2020 by Michael

My wife and I purchased this for an upcoming family reunion with a wide range of ages attending. We have played it only once but enjoyed the combination of skill and luck involved. (I also like that it can be a great math lesson for the kids!)
The game arrived on time, at a good price and well made. I like the wooden box with handles for stowing and carrying.



6/4/2020 by Tobe

I bought this for my son & his wife who are avid outdoor- people! They took it on their last camping trip and loved it! They said the ease of packing and carrying it was perfect for their outdoor adventures with friends and family!!


Fun Game for a few or Many

10/31/2019 by Mao

Nice quality... easy to learn...



6/26/2019 by Eugene

We ordered this game knowing that all three of our daughters and their respective young men would be hanging around at Christmas time this year and we played it constantly! Perfect design, even the free app for iPhones helped us keep score, etc. Highly recommend!



2/20/2019 by Sandra

I ordered this game for me and my eight year old grandson to play when he comes over. One sunny day we carried it out onto the yard for a try. I was surprised by its simplicity and how much fun it was to play. No reading directions for an hour. And, my grandson loved it as much as I did. Makes for great fun and great memories.

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The Mölkky Story

Mölkky - Outdoor Throwing Game

Toss & Tumble

Mölkky is an outdoor skittles game first created in Finland. Not exactly the sort of place you’d expect a picnic/barbeque game to originate, but it’s been a hit in Europe for close to 20 years. And for good reason: it’s easy to learn and play, and can be set up anywhere the twelve wooden pins can stand.

The goal is to get exactly 50 points by knocking down pins numbered one through 12. The scoring is simple, but also slyly strategic: knock down multiple pins and you get one point per pin. Knock down just one pin, though, and you get points equal to the pin’s number. Go over 50 and you get
knocked down . . . back to 25 points.

After a player’s turn, the pins are reset in the spots where they land. The “board” is constantly changing and no two turns are the same.

This game is a handsome, well-crafted one, too. The pins, the Mölkky skittle (throwing pin), and the traveling case are all made of Finnish wood responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. No chemicals are used in production.

When you’re done playing, simply wipe off mud and scuffs with a damp rag and Mölkky is looking sharp for next time. It’s fun from start to . . . Finnish.
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