Knee High Character Socks Case of 6

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knee high

9/21/2016 by Marisol

My grandaughter loves them...



9/20/2016 by Charles

After this order I bought the "3 pack" deal. I'm old and do not wear moosh walks but my goddaughter absolutely loves them.


Sock 'em!

9/19/2016 by Nancy

These socks are adorable, and I'm sure my granddaughter is going to love them. They are one of her Christmas gifts.


My young niece loves them

9/19/2016 by Ira

My niece who is 9 loves them. She couldn't wait to wear them to school, where they proved a hit.



9/19/2016 by Diane

I think they are cute. I will probably give them to one of my granddaughters as a gift.


Welcomed goft/

9/17/2016 by Michael Anne

My Granddaughter loved them.



7/10/2018 by Jerome

These knee high character sock are cute and fun, however, they were too large for my 6 year granddaughter. I'll buy some more when she gets a little older. Still, its a great product.


very cute, eyecatching knee-high socks

5/15/2018 by Margot

Very cute. I gave a pair to a young granddaughter. They need special handling for laundry, however, so I bought a small mesh laundry bag to protect them when they're washed and dried.



12/28/2017 by Julie

I bought one of each of these for g'daughters (the grandson got a PUDU), and have a great picture of the four of them in a circle. Just delightful!


Loved Them

9/11/2017 by bebe

12yr. Old Grandaughter couldn't wait to get them.
She wore them immediately with blk/white converses of course and received tons of Great reviews.


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The MooshWalks Story

We dare you to find fun-er socks.

Sock Personality

These socks with ears pledge to add color and personality to your outfit. Each pair of this knee-high hosiery has its own vibrant personality, complete with little ears or wings that flap when you walk.

Maker Olga Kay is a trailblazer. At 14 she left her small village in Russia to join the circus and eventually became a famous YouTube personality.

When she designed MooshWalks she knew for certain they had to stand out and start conversations. Olga did that and more. Wear a pair and you’ll definitely be noticed.

Even though the socks are attention-getting, we found them to be soft and durable,
too. We suggest wearing them with a dress or shorts to ensure a full-length view of the lively, lighthearted characters. Read More Read Less