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Home Fermentation Crock - 2L Case of 6

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12/8/2016 by Gregg

Looks great on the counter. Bought it at about the time the garden quit producing. May buy a couple of cabbages at the local store and try it out.


Great compact design

11/25/2016 by Ren1988

I love the white base and the wide opening on this jar! Plus it's less bulky than other jars of the same type!

One trick: put a cabbage leaf under the ceramic weight, it'll help keep everything down!


This is an awesome product

9/22/2016 by Janet

This product is perfect for pickling vegetables or saurerkraut etc. So simple and easy. I would love to get another one. Want to pickle more vegetables. Thank you for making this product and for making it easy to make pickled vegetables.


absolutely wonderful

9/21/2016 by marilyn

The home fermentation crock works perfectly! I don't think I would have been so successful if it wasn't for all the help and advice I was able to get from the company itself. I emailed a number of times and sometimes I felt they were such basic questions that anyone should know the answer. But never did they make me feel silly for my questions. They promptly replied. I've made pickles, veggies, sauerkraut and am getting ready to make my next batches. I even bought a until for two of my children, I would recommend this very highly!


Very easy to use

9/21/2016 by TimG

I used this fermenter for fermented cabbage and it was very easy to use. It is much larger than I thought it would be and easily took two heads of cabbage. I left it alone for a week and when I tested it, it was just right.



9/21/2016 by Peter

Works great!! Love the air lock feature, keeps those pesky fruit fly's at bay. Just finished a batch of sauerkraut...Yummy!!



Looks great

9/8/2016 by Sara

I purchased 2 of these fermentation crocks for my sons. The large box arrived very quickly . I opened the boxes to make sure they arrived without breakage, I was very pleased to see how well they were packaged. The box containing each item looks like a gift box packed very securely. A nice little recipe booklet is included . I can not report on how the jar works but the item looks well designed. I am very pleased like all the items I have purchased from the Grommet ,


Great product

9/9/2019 by carrie

I am new to fermentation and I love this product. Also it looks good sitting on the kitchen counter.


Fermenter looks great

11/17/2018 by Bronislaw

Haven’t used it yet. Looks great and can’t wait to use it. Probably will not use it till next fall. I’ve already made my kraut for this year. Although I may still do some other veggies.


Both attractive and effective

10/7/2017 by Douglas

The crock now sits on my counter making some sauerkraut. It is easy to use and does exactly what is intended. The only improvement I might suggest is the addition of a small knob on the top to be able to lift off the cover without unscrewing the lid. A dab of superglue and an old spool will solve this small issue easily, though.

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The Mortier Pilon Story

For healthier digestion, leave this on the counter.

Pickled Goodness

This fermentation pot will help you create nutrient-rich foods that are good for digestion . . . and it looks great doing it.

If you’re not familiar, fermentation introduces helpful bacteria, or probiotics, to balance your digestive system and help it absorb more nutrients. It’s an age-old food preservation technique that—without the right tools—can be as messy as it is beneficial. You put your foods in a type of brine (usually a mixture of salt, water, and vinegar), and a delightful chemical reaction happens.

Mortier Pilon creates the ideal environment for this biological transformation. This
vessel has a futuristic look with clean lines, but the design has a purpose. As the organisms inside begin to grow, they create gases. The water seal lets those gases escape, while also keeping air out. An included weight makes sure your veggies stay submerged under the brine and outside the reach of unwanted bacteria.

Get new recipe ideas fresh from the Mortier Pilon cookbook—like pickles and homemade sauerkraut. To keep track of your creations, update the rewritable label. To store your fermented foods in smaller batches, you can use their optional canning jars.

Whether you’re an expert or an amateur, this fermentation crock will get you asking, “Is that fermentable?”
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