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A nice vessel

2/6/2017 by Maureen

I have used it once, so far, to ferment some red cabbage sauerkraut. It worked like a charm, looks great on the counter and cleans up nicely. Regarding a few reviewers not happy with the threads on the lid, I find that when I remove the inner circle of the lid, it's easiest to just reach in and pull the outer piece off. In other words, I am able to remove it fine. Looking forward to fermenting my next batch.


Great Concept

12/19/2016 by JLM

The concept of this fermenting jar is wonderful, however, you should really know what you're doing because there are no instructions. It comes with a few recipes and very vague instructions about the parts and how to clean it. Our first batch is still fermenting.


Great little jug

12/6/2016 by Susan

I had been looking for a small crock to make pickled veggies and kraut in. Living in a condo with not much room, this little gem fits the bill. I made one batch so far and it works wonderfully, now on to that sauerkraut! It is an easy item to use and pops in the fridge with room to spare. Amazon has a few inexpensive books on fermentation that helped me along the way. Enjoy.


No instructions or recipe booklet

10/14/2019 by Sharon

This item was out of stock when I first went to order. Within a week I received notice it was instock and preceded to order. The order came in a timely fashion and packaged properly. After, removing all contents of the box, I noticed no instructions nor recipe booklet. No way of getting in touch with costume service from company. All YouTube videos do not show how to use the seal. The red ring? It does not fit properly, or I'm not using it correctly. Probably the later, but since there is no instructions, not sure how to rectify this issue. I'm a experienced fermenter, but this set-up is different than my other styles of containers and lid systems.


Was Christmas gift to my hubby

2/13/2019 by Jo Ann

I thought he'd make sauerkraut right away, but so far he's not used it yet. I'm disappointed in him but not in the expected results from the fermentation crock.


Not sure about this

5/6/2017 by Kathleen

I've had sauerkraut brewing for a couple of weeks now and am not sure if it's edible or poisonous. The problem, I believe, lies between the instructions and the recipe book that I purchased. May try another batch. I'd love for this to work.

From the Maker:

Hi Kathleen,
Thank you for your review.

If your sauerkraut smells bad, has visible fuzz or mold then you should not
eat it, as the fermentation process probably did not work.


Great looking crock but...

12/5/2016 by Jill

The crock has a great look to it and it can hold A LOT, so be prepared to prepare enough veggies to fill it up. The instructions that come with it are not helpful so I went to their website and wrote the manufacturer to seek clarification. Got a response but I can't say it was overly helpful or instructive. You'll have to do a lot of googling on how to ferment if you're a novice (like me). I also have to take the lid off periodically to re-submerge my veggies (the weight helps but it's not large enough to cover the surface area so I've supplemented with grape leaves) and it's difficult to get the lid off especially with the water seal on the top. Great looking crock but there are some functional challenges.

From the Maker:

Hi Jill,
Thank you for your review.
We do also have 2L jars if the 5L one is too big for you. It works exactly
the same way. And remember you don’t have to fill the 5L up all the way.
You can still do small batches in this crock as the ceramic weight will hold
everything under the brine.
Concerning the weight, it is supposed to fit in the crock and be large
enough to keep your food below the brine, but please feel free to contact
[email protected] if you have any other
question; we’ll be happy to help you!


I like the idea

12/3/2016 by Barb

But it does not work as fast as it says.
And FYI for sauerkraut USA must have bigger cabbage than France. Says 4 heads
Mine only held two. And it does not work as fast. I'm on two weeks and it's no where near done?

From the Maker:

Hi Barb,
Thank you for your review.
A good quality sauerkraut is fermented for at least 20 day (3 weeks), with
a temperature that ranges between 65 and 72 ° Fahrenheit (or between 18
and 22° Celsius). Sometimes it can take a little bit longer, especially when
days are colder.
Please feel free to contact [email protected]
if you have any other question; we’ll be happy to help you!


Works well but delicate

11/28/2016 by Andy B. H.

Love the crock and how it works. It is delicate however and needs to be hand washed. Removing the plastic collar isn't easy. And while cleaning it I accidentally hit it with the pickle weight and it totally cracked! I bought a second one--so I now have some spare parts--but if I break it again, I'm done. It's certainly nowhere as sturdy as a mason jar and way more pricey.

From the Maker:

Hi Andy,
Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with
the first product you purchased.
Please feel free to contact [email protected] if you
have any other question; we’ll be happy to help you!


not easy to clean/sanitize

3/12/2020 by Louise

Seemed to be fine for Saurekraut, fermenting Kimchi, and Pickling Vegetables. My problem with this is when you clean it do not submerge in water. You can't dry it. This is outside the jar under the base. I have black lines running along the glue they used to stick the base on. I mixed bleach/water in the sink and allowed it to soak. then dried it the best i could.. black lines are back.

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The Mortier Pilon Story

For healthier digestion, leave this on the counter.

Pickled Goodness

This fermentation pot will help you create nutrient-rich foods that are good for digestion . . . and it looks great doing it.

If you’re not familiar, fermentation introduces helpful bacteria, or probiotics, to balance your digestive system and help it absorb more nutrients. It’s an age-old food preservation technique that—without the right tools—can be as messy as it is beneficial. You put your foods in a type of brine (usually a mixture of salt, water, and vinegar), and a delightful chemical reaction happens.

Mortier Pilon creates the ideal environment for this biological transformation. This
vessel has a futuristic look with clean lines, but the design has a purpose. As the organisms inside begin to grow, they create gases. The water seal lets those gases escape, while also keeping air out. An included weight makes sure your veggies stay submerged under the brine and outside the reach of unwanted bacteria.

Get new recipe ideas fresh from the Mortier Pilon cookbook—like pickles and homemade sauerkraut. To keep track of your creations, update the rewritable label. To store your fermented foods in smaller batches, you can use their optional canning jars.

Whether you’re an expert or an amateur, this fermentation crock will get you asking, “Is that fermentable?”
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