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Love these toothbrushes

5/11/2019 by Sylvia

My husband and love these toothbrushes. Have been using them a few years. Our dentist is impressed with the results.



4/28/2019 by gloria

Have been using them since the first time I saw them! Great product.


Awesosme toothbrush

4/27/2019 by Laura

Switched to your toothbrush after my last cleaning! It feels comfortable in your mouth and different (but good).
Seems to cover more tooth area and love that it is anti-microbial.


The Feel-Good Toothbrush!

4/14/2019 by Tracy

Some many bristles, tightly packed to give such a satisfying brushing experience.


The best!!!

4/3/2019 by gloria

Acquired some of these a while ago and has never been happier. We are left with a great clean feeling in the mouth. They really help with flossing too!!!


Good tooth brushes!

4/2/2019 by Margaret

Like these! Recommend them!


wonderful toothbrush

4/1/2019 by Sheila

I have a problem with geographic tongue. This is a painful condition which looks like a map and deep cuts. After using the brush on my tongue after brushing my teeth, I found that my tongue was improving. I have used one brush for about a month and the difference is amazing. I will be ordering more brushes.


Great toothbrush

3/17/2019 by Yvonne

I really like these toothbrushes they are gentle on your mouth and gums but still have the cleaning ability of a harder toothbrush. They don’t build up gunk in them always stay fresh.


Perfect addition to my oral health care.

3/10/2019 by Judy

I am familiar with the use of colloidal silver as an anti-microbiol. I was surprised to find these toothbrushes. And I have shared them with my family.


My teeth feel very clean

3/3/2019 by Debra

My teeth feel so much cleaner than using a regular toothbrush and my last 2 cleanings have been better than in the past. These do work well and I like that they are anti-microbial.

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The Mouth Watchers Story

Mouthwatchers - Antibacterial Toothbrushes

Keep it Clean

If there’s anything that deserves antibacterial treatment, it’s toothbrushes. They reside in bathrooms, where bacteria love to hang out. And when you’re traveling, toothbrushes can be exposed to all sorts of microorganisms. Dr. Ronald Plotka, a dentist from the Boston area, teamed with Troy Anderson to design toothbrushes that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria—naturally—within six hours, so the next time you reach for your toothbrush, you can be assured it’s clean.

Mouth Watchers makes both traditional and travel toothbrushes. What’s most unique about the brushes are their silver-embedded bristles.
Silver has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and at nano-size, the silver particles penetrate and destroy the cells of bacteria.

When Liz Meagher told us about Mouth Watchers toothbrushes (she also discovered Rhoost child safety devices), we were won over by their antibacterial features and their unique “flossing” bristles. The outer bristles are soft and thin—10 times thinner than the bristles on ordinary toothbrushes—to gently clean teeth and get into the crevices. It’s the ideal cavity-fighter.
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