Arm Spinner Toy Refill Case of 10

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4/6/2018 by Aelia

No discernible use but very amusing!!


good gift

12/31/2017 by Sarah

Bought for my 15 yo son and 14 yo daughter... my daughter likes hers a lot and my son thought it was "ok". When my daughter isn't playing with hers, she leaves it out as a decoration for her room.


Lotta fun

12/30/2017 by leslie

Bought as a family Christmas gift. The 9 year old was the best at it and loved it the most. a fun little toy.



12/5/2017 by Carol

I have tried it but am keeping it for a Christmas gift so...couldn’t keep playing


Unusual, cleaver, pretty, attention getter .

11/28/2017 by Nancy

Really fun and different


Like an arm slinky

11/21/2017 by Patricia

These are fun. They roll up and down your arms and feel like a mini massage.



2/13/2019 by larry




12/30/2018 by Robyn

I bought one for my 6 year old grandson and it was fun for about 5 minutes. Literally.



7/25/2018 by Julie

Gave three of these as gifts to 10ish year olds. Two were great, one got out of alignment almost immediately and wouldn't spin. Fragile, but the girls lived them for a short time.


A problem

7/24/2018 by Brenda

I bought 3, one for each of my grandsons. Two had seen them before and knew exactly how to use them and loved them. My oldest was not familiar and had difficulty figuring out how to get it on his arm and even more difficulty getting it to lay flat. Even parents tried to help and struggled. Then, perhaps because of the efforts to learn how to close it, one of the wires became bent or out of alignment, and in less than 30 minutes, it no longer worked. Watching the video helped a little, but the struggle with trying to get it flat damaged it. He was disappointed.

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The Fun in Motion Story

MOZI | Arm Spinner Toy

Flow Ring

This is a slinky-meets-fidget toy for your arm. It’s one of those simple, yet addictive toys for people of any age.

Mozi slips over your arms and spins in mesmerizing patterns across it. Roll it from arm to arm or friend to friend. Then, once it’s made its rounds, just fold it flat by turning it counterclockwise between your hands.

Its smooth, caterpillar-like movement works best on bare skin. Everyone here at The Grommet got a kick out of playing with Mozi and we’re keeping a few around for fun.