Counter Video Display Case of 40

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5/16/2018 by Yvonne

Fun, but quickly got boring


I don't really "get" this

12/8/2018 by Debbie

Got it for possible Christmas gifts for grand kids. I tried it and figured if I got bored with it after 30 seconds it probably wouldn't do a lot to keep their attention either. Maybe it's just me.


Arm Spinner Toy

5/15/2018 by Joan

I gave this as a gift so I am not sure of its enjoyment.


fun while it lasted

2/13/2019 by Pete

3-5 year olds destroyed it


Arm spinner

12/6/2018 by Heather

It's not constructed really well. It doesn't move smoothly down the arm as suggested


Not what I expected

7/25/2018 by Janet

Not what I expected for the price. In fact I still have all 4 of them which I was going to give my grandchildren. Didn’t give it to them because it looked too cheap.


it broke....

7/21/2018 by Sherrie

Day 1 it broke.


what a waste of money

4/3/2018 by Jeanne

purchased for a nine year old. played with it for 10 minutes tops ..Very disappointed



1/1/2018 by karen

We had it for maybe 10 minutes before it stopped working. It doesn't look bent anywhere, but it won't work at all. It seems like it tangled, maybe. One or 2 of the rings look bight than the rest. Either way, bummer for the 16 year old I bought it for.



12/30/2017 by Wendy

Broke within 2 minutes of taking from package, nothing unique. Just an over-sized sprung slinky. Will be returning when I get over being mad at myself for buying it in the first place.

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The MOZI Story

MOZI | Arm Spinner Toy

Flow Ring

This is a slinky-meets-fidget toy for your arm. It’s one of those simple, yet addictive toys for people of any age.

Mozi slips over your arms and spins in mesmerizing patterns across it. Roll it from arm to arm or friend to friend. Then, once it’s made its rounds, just fold it flat by turning it counterclockwise between your hands.

Its smooth, caterpillar-like movement works best on bare skin. Everyone here at The Grommet got a kick out of playing with Mozi and we’re keeping a few around for fun.