Glow In The Dark Arm Spinner Toy Case of 10

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4/23/2020 by evelyn g.

Nice and entertaining for the whole family. Good quality for the price.


Great gift

4/10/2020 by Ann

Bought 2 for my grandkids.They loved them and so did all the adults.


all the kids love these!

2/10/2020 by Dot

I originally got one as a gift for the grand kid, but then everyone was taking turns, so I got them all one, and they are pleased as punch! I love these.


This was a real hit at Christmas

1/4/2020 by Jeannie

This was a gift to an adult male at Christmas - Grandkids got involved - we all ended up playing with it & passing it around to one another using a wrapping paper time.


Grandson (7) loves this!

1/4/2020 by Sue

Received quickly on time.


Fun and Unique

11/16/2019 by Barbara

Our granddaughter doesn't know yet, but this spinner toy is bound to be her favorite gift at Christmas. My husband and I were so impressed with it that we had to order another one for our grandson to prevent the two from bickering over who gets to play with it. It's well made, very pretty and should last a long time.


Granddaughters enjoy

6/10/2019 by Portia

A simple toy for hours of use


fun for all

4/28/2019 by Margaret

I use this 'toy' during out school dismissal time. It helps keep students in the dismissal room and serves as a teachable moment in how to use it and in how to treat it as it belongs to a teacher. I had not used it for several weeks and a student whom I know little of came up and asked me when I was going to get it out again. Clearly it has made an impression.



2/14/2019 by Tim

Awesome toy my niece loves it cant it it down


Great and Fun

2/14/2019 by mary

Always fun to find something other than electronics and it doesn't need batteries

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The MOZI Story

MOZI | Arm Spinner Toy

Flow Ring

This is a slinky-meets-fidget toy for your arm. It’s one of those simple, yet addictive toys for people of any age.

Mozi slips over your arms and spins in mesmerizing patterns across it. Roll it from arm to arm or friend to friend. Then, once it’s made its rounds, just fold it flat by turning it counterclockwise between your hands.

Its smooth, caterpillar-like movement works best on bare skin. Everyone here at The Grommet got a kick out of playing with Mozi and we’re keeping a few around for fun.