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Wool Blister Relief - Multi Activity Pack Case of 30

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8/2/2016 by Eleanor

Thanks to eNZees I can now walk without pain, and sleep through the night without being woken by pain from the sore between my big toe and it's neighbor toe. Without this product I was destined for surgery to correct severe hammer toe caused by years of wearing high heels for 10 hours a day in the work place. If only this product came in designer colors so I could wear sandals - but I'm thankful to have mobility again.


Seems to work

8/1/2016 by Marge

I have a reoccurring corn that develops between two toes. I just finished the treatment when my order came. I use the wool at this spot and hopefully I won't develop another corn, although it's too early to tell.


Great Idea!

7/29/2016 by Mary

I'm very happy with this product! I've got 2 pair of shoes that I rarely wore because they caused blisters. One is a pair of sandals with that thing that comes up between your toes. I wrapped a small piece of wool around that thing and now I can wear the sandals for hours. It doesn't show and it stays were I put it, even after I take the sandals off. Perfect! The other shoes just have one place that rubs on my pinky toe. I wrap a piece of wool around that toe and again, I can wear those shoes all day. Thank you, Grommet, for sharing eNZees with us!


Awesome stuff!

7/29/2016 by Dan

As a backpacker, I have been looking for something to use that would stay in place (blister pads and moleskin can come loose). This wool padding is just the perfect solution - would highly recommend this for anyone who backpacks or does lots of walking.


Good product

7/29/2016 by Wendy

I gave it to a friend who wants 15 miles a day and she hated it two thumbs up


Worked for me.

5/15/2018 by David

Hiking in Spain (or anywhere else) can take a toll on one's feet. This bulk wool takes some of the pressure off.


Easy to use

10/27/2017 by Ruth

So far-so good. I just used a little to protect some sensitive areas on my foot. It felt like a lot of money to spend on something so simple, but I think, in the long run, this will be a worthwhile purchase.


Soft padding

7/29/2016 by marcia

Although I had ordered the bulk pack, they sent the individual packs. I am using these about four to stuff into the toe of my shoe. They don't stick on and stay in place and I will need many more to stuff the toe of shoe. I really don't care for the individual ones. When I get through with the small ones I will then try again for the bulk pack.



10/2/2017 by Lynn

I did not get any relief.

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The eNZees Foot Soother Story

New Zealand lambs singlehandedly preventing blisters.

On Your Feet

Whether you want to prevent new heels from pinching you or hiking boots from roughing up your feet, eNZees is 100% natural wool for blister relief.

Where does this wonder wool come from? The lambs of New Zealand. Their wool is coated with lanolin—a wax that sheds excess wetness and keeps them dry. The lanolin works just as well for you, wicking away moisture and reducing the friction that causes blisters and hotspots.

To use eNZees, tear off a piece of wool and place it on your trouble spot. Keep it in place while you put on your sock or shoe. It provides a comfy cushion and, if you are
wearing socks, will even weave itself snugly into the fibers.

The wool is humanely sourced in the spring, just in time to trim up the lambs’ coats so they’re less prone to summer heat strokes and unwanted insects.

Maker Jill Schuman was first exposed to this age-old remedy before a 27-mile trek up the New Zealand mountains. But eNZees is good for any blister-prone activity, from dancing to commuting. This pain-stopping wool is as kind to the lambs as it is to your feet.
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