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Fun at the beach

8/12/2020 by Melissa

We take this set to the beach with us every year. Since the murbles are plastic, we can rinse them off when they get sandy and they float if they do end up in the water. It's easy to transport and play anywhere.


Great game for the whole family

5/5/2020 by Agnes

This version of bocce ball is much easier for my smaller grandkids. The balls are smaller and lighter than original bocce. The game is so easy to learn and play. Great purchase!


Fun game

6/26/2019 by Paula

Son in law loves this game. Great to play with a group


Really nice!

3/9/2019 by Andrea

Well made product. I love bocce ball and this is very similar. Haven't got to try it out yet because all it's done is rain!


Simple good fun

5/31/2017 by Ro

My 5 and 7 yr old grandsons love to play this game in the house or outdoors! The balls are not too heavy, or too light, and it kept them busy for a long while.


Great for 2-6 people

8/16/2016 by Vanessa

I bought this with my grankids in mind, and boy did the 5 year old love it. He even tried to sneak it into his car after the reunion. I had to remind him that is was Nana's toy and was for everyone to enjoy. Will bring it out over next holiday weekend gathering.......very fun for kids and adults, any age can play and the balls are the perfect size and weight for kids!


Perfect weight

7/27/2016 by Nanacurt

The weight of these balls are perfect.. For kids to seniors. We even have a family member that is "multi- abled" that can easily toss these balls. These are perfect for friendly, family games as well as more serious players. We love this game.


Beach tradition!

5/26/2016 by Becky

This is my FOURTH purchase of these dice. I gifted 2 sets and our personal set was lost in a house fire in February. Obviously, I felt them worthy of replacing as our 2016 beach trip approaches.

Kids love playing this game too!



8/24/2015 by Matthew

Great fun!


Top rate on the Murbles! Enjoy!

7/24/2015 by JoAnn

I really love the Murbles! I grew up playing horse shoes and this has such a similar feel to it. It's fun and easy for everyone to "get to" play. Even the little ones! I rate it top knotch!! Purchase this and have a blast. It you have a lot of gatherings, you might want to grab each color and just .... enjoy!!

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The Murbles Story

Murbles - Outdoor Game

Ready to Roll

If you can’t beat ‘em, then why not make your own game? That’s what Murray Kramer did back in the late 1970s when he couldn’t win a game of horseshoes against his gentlemanly neighbor. A college student at the time, Murray created what are essentially giant marbles and devised a game that’s loosely based on bocce. Today, the all-ages game of Murbles is fun to play in any outdoor setting—at the beach, in your backyard, at a campsite, you name it.

The rules are simple. One or two players on each team try to toss their Murbles closest to the point ball. Points are awarded in each round, and the
first team to reach 10 points wins the set. The game winner is declared when a team takes two out of three sets.

Murbles doesn’t require any special skills, it can be played on virtually any terrain (obstacles such as trees, rocks, and sand dunes just increase the excitement, Murray says), and it comes in a handy canvas carrying bag that’s easy to bring on vacation or to a get-together. The 3-inch game balls are made in America using recycled plastic material. If you want to spice up your summer games routine, try tossing Murbles. It’s easy to get addicted!
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