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10/29/2015 by sandy

I am pleased with this product. It was simple to use and helpful. We were worried about mold in the house somewhere, but this assured us we didn't have any! We are relaxed and comfortable again in our home. Thanks


Good product

10/23/2015 by Gertie

I think it is a good product but find the instructions confusing. I did the test and when I was finished I couldn't find the envelope to mail results. So now I have to order another test kit. I did not lose the envelope, it never was included in my package.


Instructions not clear on how to use theproduct, but it is a very good product

11/14/2015 by Jean

Great product and concept and it works, once you understand what to do. The lab testing appears to be quite competent. The instructions for how to use the test strips are hard to decipher and should be improved. The font size in the instructions is way too small to read easily and leads to errors in trying to use the test materials. Also, the cartridge coverings need to be redesigned in order to work as the instructions describe. It apparently does not affect the quality of the lab work, but it fails to function as described by the instructions and it is too easy for the user to make a mistake. When you put the cartridges into the machine, it tears the paper and makes it hard to cover up the openings again. The instructions are not at all clear on how to use the test strips. I had to take the samples directly to the lab to find out how they were supposed to be used. I understand that there is a redesign effort underway, so I hope these things get fixed. It is also too easy for people not to know they have to register their samples. I almost didn't do it and only discovered what would happen when I took my samples directly to the lab, which happened to be near by. People who fail to register can essentially lose their samples. The instructions, again too small a font, do not make it clear that you have to register your samples.

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The My Mold Detective Story

DIY mold detector

Breathe Easy

You’ve heard of “homesick,” but what about “house sick?” That’s when mold levels are higher inside your home than outside. My Mold Detective lets you test for mold in a way that’s easy, accurate, and much less expensive than calling in an indoor air quality (IAQ) professional.

Founder Fred Rodriguez spent years in the building industry, seeing firsthand the need for affordable IAQ services. His mold test kit includes professional lab testing and a report that interprets the results for you. Other do-it-yourself home test kits don’t.

My Mold Detective also includes tape for lifting samples from
surfaces and a pump for taking indoor and outdoor samples. One sample is used to establish the level of mold concentration outside your home. This acts as the “control” sample.

Simply set up the control sample and then as many indoor samples as you want to test. Register online, send your samples to the lab in the prepaid envelope, and in five to seven business days you’ll receive a professional report that details the kinds of mold you have and whether the levels are unsafe. (You can also opt for expedited test results.)

Note that you pay a lab testing fee for each sample you submit. Still, it’s far more affordable than hiring a professional. With My Mold Detective, you’ll know if it’s time to call in a remediation specialist or if you can breathe easy.
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