Charcoal & Gold Infused Toothbrush Sample

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Excellent toothbrush

3/2/2019 by Sue

Perfect size; bristles are perfect- not too hard or soft- to get into all the crevices without leaving bent bristles.
Best toothbrush that I’ve ever had!


great feeling in the mouth

2/13/2019 by Ruth

they are soft and clean really well. Perfect for my mouth


Great Product

12/2/2018 by Nancy

This is a great toothbrush. After brushing, my teeth feel really clean. I’ve tried different brushes and this one is the best by far.


This is beyond a mere toothbrush. The charcoal whitens your teeth and it fits into areas of your mouth that other toothbrushes cant .

11/29/2018 by Elizabeth

I love the Grommet. I would rather scroll through new Grommet products on my phone than watch anything on television. My tortoise key chain with my intial E has collected many compliments. All my Christmas presents this year are from the Grommet.


Sounds good

10/30/2018 by Beverly

This will be a gift for Christmas but my daughter-in-law is a clean freak and this toothbrush sounded so fascinating I just had to buy it. And they had pink, her favorite color.


All I can say it’s that I love it

10/3/2018 by Iskra

With my gum problem it was always hard to find a toothbrush that does not irritate my gums. This one it’s so soft and gentle and on the same time does the job. Love it, love it!


I'm glad I tried it.

10/2/2018 by April

Daily, after use, my teeth feel like I've just come from a professional cleaning, and they do at least seem whiter although that's hard to judge in a bathroom mirror. Thanks!


Coffee stains GONE!

9/7/2018 by Sheila

I’ve used the Nano-b for a few weeks now. My teeth are whiter! Great product!


Great product!

7/29/2018 by Jeannie

I ordered four of these just in case we loved them. I didn't want to go back to order more only to find out they were out of them. Well, I did good! My Husband and I really love these toothbrushes! They are soft, as they should be, yet they really clean our teeth and bring are bring the enamel back to a beautiful white. Will purchase more!


My favorite!

7/25/2018 by Connie Jo

This is my new favorite brush. I love the medium firm bristles, the slim and easy to hold clear handle and most of all, the case! I can lock it up after every use, after drying or course. And when I travel I just grab and go. I highly recommend.

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The Nano-b Story

You’re so fancy, you brush your teeth with gold.

Golden Smile

Nano-b antibacterial toothbrushes cut down on bacteria—both in your mouth and on the brush—and brighten your smile with the help of some unlikely elements.

The bristles are infused with nano-particles of gold or silver, which release negatively charged ions to penetrate bacterial cells and kill them on the spot.

For extra whitening power, the gold-infused bristles also contain particles of bamboo charcoal. It’s a natural purifier that removes acidic plaque and stains, like from coffee and wine. You may already trust charcoal to filter out impurities in your water, and it works the same way in
these bristles. The highly porous surface easily absorbs—and essentially suffocates—odors and toxins without leaving any residue or taste behind.

Founder George Tonchev created Nano-b when he couldn’t find the right toothbrush to suit his mom’s sensitive gums. The shorter bristles have staggered heights that reach more easily between teeth, while rounded tips make them extra gentle.

We’re sure George’s mom agrees that his unique toothbrushes really are golden.
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