Charcoal & Gold Infused Toothbrush Sample

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It really works!

6/9/2016 by Debi

I ordered the Nano-b toothbrush in gold and I didn't know what to expect. But after I use it my mouth does feel cleaner and fresh. I know it sounds crazy, but the brushes work. And the clean and fresh feeling lasts in my mouth. The toothbrush also doesn't seem to wear much. I really like this toothbrush!


Feels great!

1/4/2020 by Jonathon

My teeth feel nice and clean after brushing. Bristles are soft and feel good. I had been using a toothbrush with a large head so I wish this head were a little bigger. I'll see what my dentist says in 6 months!


I think I love you!

9/6/2018 by Kathleen

I have used this brush for a week, and maybe those of us who need a soft brush need to take it easy using this new toothbrush....I wish they made a softer version. I believe my teeth are cleaner and whiter, but I need to be careful not to hurt my gums....these brushes are strong!


Love these

9/15/2017 by Deborah

I just wish, given how pricey. They are, that they lasted longer! They are my favorite toothbrush!


Birthplace of America-Home of Big Ole and the Kensington Runestone

10/2/2016 by Jan

Just started using these. Seem almost too soft but hope they clean well with all the brushing we are doing with them.


Every Little Nook & Cranny

6/24/2016 by Rachel

The longer bristles actually do get between your teeth. I recommend it.


Nano-b: Is great.

6/21/2016 by Katherine

It is very stylish brush that seems to help bad breath longer than what I have used before.



7/5/2016 by ddrJsm

I usually use an electric toothbrush, so, I've only used it a few times. I haven't noticed any difference.


A Gum Massager, Not a Tooth Cleaner

5/26/2016 by Emily

I used this the first day I received it, and was delighted by the feel of it -- a lovely gentle gum massage.

Unfortunately, when I finished, my teeth didn't feel even vaguely clean. I decided to go one more day with it, but by the end of the second day, I was getting obvious plague build up and will not use it again.

The only reason I gave it 2 stars is that none wasn't possible, and some people might need a nice gentle gum massage. Just don't mistake this for something that will clean your teeth!


just an ordinary toothbrush

12/14/2019 by Niki

really, just a very ordinary toothbrush

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The Nano-b Story

You’re so fancy, you brush your teeth with gold.

Golden Smile

Nano-b antibacterial toothbrushes cut down on bacteria—both in your mouth and on the brush—and brighten your smile with the help of some unlikely elements.

The bristles are infused with nano-particles of gold or silver, which release negatively charged ions to penetrate bacterial cells and kill them on the spot.

For extra whitening power, the gold-infused bristles also contain particles of bamboo charcoal. It’s a natural purifier that removes acidic plaque and stains, like from coffee and wine. You may already trust charcoal to filter out impurities in your water, and it works the same way in
these bristles. The highly porous surface easily absorbs—and essentially suffocates—odors and toxins without leaving any residue or taste behind.

Founder George Tonchev created Nano-b when he couldn’t find the right toothbrush to suit his mom’s sensitive gums. The shorter bristles have staggered heights that reach more easily between teeth, while rounded tips make them extra gentle.

We’re sure George’s mom agrees that his unique toothbrushes really are golden.
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