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Excellent product

6/22/2016 by Angelia

I ordered this shaving cream in the ceramic jar. It was delivered quicker than I expected. And looks wonderful displayed on the counter in the bathroom. I was nervous about ordering the wine scented shaving cream because I could not smell it first. I wish I could explain how great it smells. I love that it's a soft sound and not overpowering. My fiance loves the barbershop feel to shaving. Would highly recommend this product as a gift.


Sudsy and smooth shaving

6/16/2016 by Matt

Purchased this last winter (November) and have loved using it since. The aroma is fresh and the lather is smooth. I will not use shave gel or canned cream again. Bravo Napa Soap company! Bravo!


Love it!

1/4/2016 by Erica

Bought my brother in law and husband one for Christmas. My husband was a little jealous at the time bc we had not exchanged gifts and he had no clue he had one. Both absolutely loved it when they opened it. They loved the uniqueness, fragrance and concept. They were really excited to use it. My husband loves his so much he's started looking at the straight razors to get the "full" effect. I loved hearing them talk about it, they couldn't stop! This was the WINNING gift!


Great shaving gift set

11/16/2015 by Jeffrey

So much better than using shaving cream or shaving gel. Helps get a great close shave.


A trip back

4/2/2015 by Brent

Words I could write could not do this product justice...Simply amazing in every way! Now if I could only get more of that lotion that came free with it!! Good grief man! This!


Winner! Will order every year.

12/12/2014 by Sherry

Bought this for my husband for Christmas 2013 in the "cool mint" scent. He loves it. Around Thanksgiving he mentioned that his soap cup is getting low and he could maybe use another one of these. What's left will easily make it to the end of the year, so guess who is getting another one this Christmas?! Don't be put off by the price. To some it might seem expensive at first glance, but when this one cup lasts an entire year for a man who shaves his face and head? That's not too bad in my book. The fact that he asked me to order more tells me that this product is a keeper.


Great Shaving Soap

5/16/2014 by Robert

This shaving soap lathers up nicely, producing a lather that is rich, thick and very moist, resulting in a close razor burn-free shave. I have the Ocean Blend scent, which is clean, fresh and quite light, so as not to conflict with any cologne or after-shave that may be worn.

While I chose the ceramic mug, I would recommend the enamel mug. Remember that this will be handled with wet soapy hands - I have already managed to drop the lid, shattering it.

The supplied synthetic shaving brush is PC and will do the job, but I'm not ready to give up my badger hair brush just yet.

The set comes in an elegant box that is perfect for gift-giving. Highly recommended!


Love it

4/13/2014 by Evan

Smells great and works great


Best shave soap ever

3/9/2014 by Charlie

This is the best shave soap I have ever used. I get a close shave every time, and without the razor burn. I will be using this exclusively


Made a great gift

5/16/2018 by Yvonne

works well.

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The Napa Soap Company Story

Napa Soap Company - Shaving Sets

Napa Necessities

Ever try to decipher what goes into most shaving foams and gels? You need a friend with a PhD in chemistry to explain the ingredients. But not with products from Napa Soap Company. The contents of their handmade shaving soaps sound good enough to eat.

Sheila Rockwood grew up in the Napa Valley and set out to create skincare products that use local resources from this bountiful region. Her shaving soaps for men (lots of women also use them) are made with natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil, wine, honey, aloe vera and french clay to keep skin smooth and nourished.

They’re economical, too.
One shaving mug contains up to a year’s supply of shaving soap, plus it comes with a classic barber shop-style brush. Imagine how many cans of regular shaving cream you won’t have to buy—and send to the landfill when they’re empty. When Napa Soap’s shaving supply is gone, you can reuse the container (you can choose either a traditional ceramic mug or an old-school enameled mug).

Napa Valley’s better-known export is wine, but after shaving with these, you’ll fall in love with the region’s less famous but equally delectable product.
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