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7/12/2020 by Jerry

Product arrived on time and even though I haven't had the opportunity to utilize it while traveling I have used it as a regular sleep mask at night. Have this item to be very comfortable. I absolutely have no problems recommending this product to anyone in need of a very comfortable sleep mask or NAPWRAP. Great product.


“ A highly practical innovation ever created!

3/3/2019 by Waseem

“ it is indeed a highly practical innovation at the grommet.
I have just purchased it from BUT I have not used it as yet due to the fact that in a couple of weeks i’m flying and then It will be the real acid test when i’ll be using it during the flight BUT I can reassure it right now that it will benefit me 100% “



2/13/2019 by Mike

Love, love, love for myself and got one for my son-in-law


Great for air travel

5/16/2018 by Evelyn

Love the arm sling function. Really helps when sleeping on the airplane


Helped on the plane

5/15/2018 by Sandra

this did assist me in keeping my arms comfortable in a center seat. Brilliant idea.


Great product

5/13/2018 by Karin

Love the innovative ideas that The Grommet comes up with. This NapWrap fulfills a need and I enjoy using it.


Very Practical!

4/21/2018 by SuzieQ

Love this item. It's small and compact, but can be used to keep your arms together on a flight, or also used to keep the light out of your eyes. Love it.


Grommet Has Been A Great Experience

2/22/2018 by Bruce

We order a lot of products over the internet and this experience, on a scale of 1 to 10, has been a 10 + for us.

I love the ability to view the product before purchasing it. I must admit, I would not have purchased the Nap Wrap if the video view was not available. I wouldn’t have understood it’s function (how it twists to capture the hand and arm together). I confident that I would’ve overlooked it completely!

We are in the air every 6-8 weeks, in our travels, and I have always struggled with keeping my arms crossed while I’m resting. This product is perfect for me on the plane.

Also, ordering on your site is very user friendly, and the the delivery was much quicker than what was posted. Thank you for creating the Grommet site. We couldn’t be happier with your service. I’ve got my eye on more of your products so you’ll be hearing from us again very soon.


I don't know how; it just works!

10/21/2017 by Peggy Sue

Not sure as to why I needed this, still, I ordered the NapWrap on a whim when I ordered the Trtl (another magical item). It was hard to tell what it really does until I used it. Now it's a necessity. After sitting for 10-12 hours in a non-ergonomic seat at work, I then sit (and sometimes sleep) for a couple to a few hours more in the extremely uncomfortable second and third row seats of Suburban and Expedition type vehicles that are filled with other adult occupants. (Those seats absolutely non-ergonomic, SOS!) The napwrap is a must on these occasions. Amazingly, it keeps your arms in a comfortable and almost weightless position, which means no pulling on your shoulders and neck. This is a must for air travel; no deciding who gets the armrest (if you're sleeping.) You won't believe that you need this until you try it.


Very handy.

6/21/2017 by Susan

Haven't used it on a plane yet, but it's very comfortable. I think it will be great.

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Napwrap | Travel Armrest

Simple Support

Rest comfortably on a plane, train, or bus with NAPWRAP, a cushy sling that’s like a personal armrest.

If NAPWRAP looks confusing at first, you’re not alone. It takes a few seconds to figure out. But once you experience its snug, oddly comfortable support, you’ll feel the brilliance behind this simple solution.

Founders Bruce Backer and Mona Dehshid are designers and frequent fliers. After suffering a lack of shut eye in transit, they figured out why sleeping while sitting up is so tough—arms need a place to rest. After testing 100+ designs, they came up with NAPWRAP. Slip it around an arm to
create a cradle that holds your arms in place.

Turns out this little wonder has multiple travel functions, so use it as an eye mask, an ear warmer, or as an armband that holds your smartphone. Super soft, lightweight, and portable, NAPWRAP is made to take anywhere. Curl it around your suitcase or duffel bag handle and be prepared for some supportive rest.
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