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Structured Neck Support Pillow Sample

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Great on planes or sleeping in a bed

10/19/2020 by Pamela

Versatile and comfortable it works great to take pressure of my neck!


Not just useful but durable

4/28/2020 by Elizabeth

I have post-polio syndrome that's weakened my neck muscles, and this is perfect for support when I sleep. Even after three years it continues to do as promised. I could use a new cover for it, if the one for the current model fits the original. Might consider making those available for purchase.


Love my neck sofa!

4/19/2020 by Carmen

This is the 3rd Neck Sofa that I've purchased. One was for my husband which he loves. The other two have been for me and I use them everyday. One is on my bed and the other on the coach. They are very comfortable and the covers are washable so they stay fresh and soft. This last one has snaps and a belt which is handy if traveling.


Love it

12/5/2019 by Elizabeth

Am able to figure how to use it to keep my neck level in almost any circumstance.



10/7/2019 by GoldenOldieLB

I am happy as a clam playing my 10 challenges every AM. However, I was surprised when I was opening the box I
saw my favorite color teal. I ordered brown and the box said brown. I really want brown for the fall season. Maybe I will reorder,..


Great comfort for my neck

6/24/2019 by Teresa

The neck sofa is so comfortable and just what I needed for my my neck issues.


I love this neck pillow!!

6/15/2019 by CYNTHIA

I have bought many neck pillows and this is the BEST! I will buy one for my sister also.


Very comforting

4/30/2019 by Julie

Have yet to use this traveling, but have tried it at home and it feels great.


just what my neck needed

4/13/2019 by Jean

With lots of arthritis in my neck from a lifetime of falls from horses, my neck hurts every day. Certain activities aggravate it more, but this structured neck support pillow supports it perfectly. I've never been so comfortable reading and watching TV. It's also perfect for a little cat nap sitting up! It's a huge improvement over neck support pillows that may look the same, too.


Super comfy

1/25/2019 by Donna

Love this product. It fits snuggly, is comfortable and truly supports the neck while reading, doing computer work, lounging and works well as a back support. Love the travel bag it comes in.

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The Neck Sofa Collar Story

This pillow’s got your back. And neck. And shoulders.

Soft Support

This memory foam neck pillow impressed us at its core. Built inside is an inner support system. The firmness gives you a break from aches and pains, without sacrificing comfort.

Neck Sofa contours to your body and can be positioned up to 12 different ways. Each position is aimed at alleviating sore muscles and stiffness in areas like the neck, shoulder, head, or back.

Gabriel Durand spent three years creating this neck support and pillow hybrid. His wife was recovering from whiplash, and wasn’t satisfied with any of the devices she tried. Neck Sofa finally gave her the support and comfort she
needed—and Gabriel consulted with a chiropractor to ensure his design treats the spine with care.

Whether in bed, at a desk, or while traveling, Neck Sofa provides a well-balanced combination of soft but supportive comfort.
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