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Folding Rectangle Reading Glasses

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Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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7/11/2019 by Claudy

Convenient, unique and stylish. Perfect readers!



5/23/2019 by Alana

Easy to wear - You'll always have a pair of readers when needed.


They are great.

3/9/2019 by MARIE

I have about 4 other pairs of glasses. However, every time I needed I had to search through the house and finally I might find one pair and then take it off after reading what I needed it for. Later, guess what, I couldn't find them again.

This has worked out great because they are always around my neck and because they fold up they are not in my way.


Folding glasses

2/26/2019 by Barbara

Love them, always know where they are.


What a neat idea!

2/14/2019 by Nancy

I love my folding glasses. Easy to use and look like a necklace!


Unique style and very practical

1/28/2019 by Robert

Very unique style, like a piece of jewelry. But very functional and useful at a good price..


Very clever device

1/15/2019 by Jane

I only need reading glasses, so I don't wear them constantly. Hence, I have several pair all around the house, which works when I'm at home. However, if I'm out, I have to fish in my purse when I need to read something, and these make that much more convenient. And as a necklace, they're quite attractive.

When I first got them, they were a bit stiff to open, but with use, they've become much easier. I think they're great. My only wish is that they would be available in a 1.25, which I prefer to 1.5 magnification, but I can live with it for the convenience they offer.


Fabulous idea!

1/14/2019 by Claudia1

Love these, never leaving them or looking for them everywhere. Always on me and ready to use. Depending on outfits I realized I can even tuck them in my blouse if I don't want to display them. I noticed they make one like Jewelry that works like a magnifier, might be nice for when I dress up.


Love these!

1/6/2019 by Sharon

These are SO much better than wasting money on dollar store readers; they are clearer and don't scratch easily. They are also better looking and never get misplaced. Well worth the price.


Lifesaver glasses.

1/5/2019 by David

Since my cataract surgery I only need Glasses to read.The folding glasses work well as they are out of the way until needed.When there folded up you need not worry about them breaking as much as regular glasses.

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The Neckglasses Story

NeckGlasses v2

Double Vision

When it came time for Neckglasses founder and interior designer Karen Ganovsky to need reading glasses, she wanted a better way to keep a pair handy. She thought up creating foldable readers with refined finishes that look discrete enough to wear as a low-key accessory.

Karen and partner Dianna Seddon developed these functional readers to be lightweight and easy to access and we think they nailed it—because what is more convenient than having a pair of glasses hanging from your neck? From an armless design that has a jewelry-like finish to pairs with more streamlined and utilitarian looks,
Karen’s idea means no more digging around to find your reading glasses or leaving them behind. Read More Read Less