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Nice socks!

6/25/2019 by Kathy

We've both been enjoying them for a few weeks now although I do recommend ordering a size up especially for men.


These are so comfortable

2/11/2019 by Pamela

I hate socks; of any kind; but love these little socks. They are super comfortable; so I sent for two more pair!


Great Buy

1/3/2019 by Dawn

Works as promised. My adult son swears by them.



9/13/2018 by Bonny

The customer who said these were unremarkable apparently does not have trouble with smelly feet. I would pay even more for these socks after trying them out. And no I did not get paid to write this review!Every day when my son comes home from work and pulls off his shoes, everyone runs.Not any more with these socks. He even tested them out for the week! This is a miracle! I usually have to ziplock his socks until wash day because I can't stand the odor, but these can go in the regular pile. Thank you, thank you,....


Great socks!

6/4/2018 by Linda

I bought these for my husband and I to use for hiking in national parks around the 4 Corners area. They were great! Had to reorder for my husband, as he is a size 12 and I originally ordered the large for him, but switched to the x-large for better length. They never slipped down and absorbed the sweat beautifully. Great hiking sock!


Great item

5/15/2018 by Jane

Works just like it says they will. My sons feet are the worst!! But with these socks we don't smell a thing. I plan on buying him more for Christmas.


They actually work!

6/4/2018 by Karen

The anti-odor socks work well. My only complaint is I wish they were not so thick. I'd order more if they find a way to make them thinner and more lightweight.


Sturdy & Warm

3/28/2020 by Vivian

I wore them once so far; They were definitely warm; size was good but was afraid to put them in the dryer, for fear of shrinking, like most socks, these days. I was hoping for a cozier feel, these were more of a sturdy athletic feel.



7/25/2018 by George

In the end they are still just a pair of socks. I mean really, how many times are you going to wear a pair of socks? We have 2 dogs so they get worn then thrown into the hamper just like any other sock. It’d be better if they at least put some rubber traction on them and definitely some other colors



6/29/2018 by ROBERT

These socks are nothing but normal. I found no special "comfort". High priced gimmick.

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The NeverQuit Story

NeverQuit | Anti-Odor Comfort Socks

Unstoppable Socks

Leo Chen set out to make his own perfect pair of anti-odor socks—that are also anti-blister and anti-fatigue, too—when serving in the Taiwanese Army. The military-issued boots he wore were beyond uncomfortable, and none of the socks he tried (30 different pairs!) met all his achy (and smelly) feet needs.

NeverQuit socks combine all the feet-pleasing features Leo wanted. The socks provide extra support and extra comfort with hexagon-shaped footpads that absorb impact and reinforced arch supports that thwart fatigue. Mesh ventilation keeps things breathable, and there are anti-blister tabs built
in, too. But maybe the most impressive thing about these socks is the zinc-oxide infused, antibacterial fabric they are made with. It prevents odor, so the socks can be worn for seven days without being washed—no, really, we mean it. Pull on a pair and feel fresh on your feet, all day (and week) long. Read More Read Less