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Feels great!

4/12/2018 by Rhiannon

My husband loved these socks. They made his feet feel more comfortable in his shoes and they felt like they kept his feet smelling clean longer. Only problem was that they slide down to his ankles a bit. Overall, he would love to have another pair.


Mixed review

11/18/2018 by Theodore

These are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. But my assessment is that there is a manufacturing issue impacting the quality of the socks. I've received two pairs and both appear to have a hole over the ankle, on a spot that does not wear against a shoe. It seems the stitching over the ankle is not sewn well and causes the appearance of a hole just because the threads are far apart. For the amount of money I would not expect that quality from these socks. It's a shame because these are extremely comfortable socks.


Runs small

5/12/2018 by Marge

Love the feel of these just wished they had fit. I think the padded bottom would be great for walking. They are very good quality. Ordered per the size chart, but they were so tight in the heel area, I couldn't get them on. I do have a high instep but normally socks have enough stretch that I can get them over the heel/ankle area. Not these. If they come back in the black color, I may retry them in a larger size.


soft but sloppy

4/12/2018 by Donna

well, they aren't sloppy in an of themselves, but these don't fit me. no off by enough to try another size but just enough extra in the toes to make a fold and annoyance.
yes, they are very soft, very comfortable without shoes, as i like to be indoors.


Lacks Durability, They Quit On Me

4/24/2019 by Herb

With socks that are this expensive, I expected comfort and durability. If I were to rate these socks in the first weeks or month, I would give them a 5 based on comfort.
But in a short period of time, how do you rate durability? You can't.
I have 2 pairs of the gray crews and I have many other pairs of socks. I do not wear the NerveQuit socks every day. In 9 months, both pairs have worn out. Here is what is unreal. They did not wear out in the toe or heel like one might expect.
Of all things, they all wore out in the honeycomb section, like on the sides and bottoms.
I was very disappointed to see them go. After this I couldn't replace them with the same so I've tried some Physician (something). 12 pairs for less than one NeverQuit.
I'll see how I make out with all of these. So far so good.


Really wanted these to be great

6/4/2018 by Tricia

I bought 3 pair for my son-in-law as a birthday gift. He's an electrician and on his feet all day in those heavy work boots. My daughter said they were nice but not worth the money I paid because they were already unraveling after the second wash. She also said he didn't think they were anymore comfortable then any of his other socks. So I won't be buying these again. :(


Didn’t work

6/28/2019 by Cathleen

My son said they didn’t work


Not impressed

3/5/2019 by Kevin

I purchased a pair of these socks hoping for two benefits for the hefty price: Comfort and moisture control. They failed on both counts. Their moisture control capability was sub-standard compared to a standard pair of quality socks, and they were loose enough on my calves to feel as if they were over-stretched and falling down. Washed them once, tried them again; same results (perhaps a bit looser). Very disappointing.

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The NeverQuit Story

NeverQuit | Anti-Odor Comfort Socks

Unstoppable Socks

Leo Chen set out to make his own perfect pair of anti-odor socks—that are also anti-blister and anti-fatigue, too—when serving in the Taiwanese Army. The military-issued boots he wore were beyond uncomfortable, and none of the socks he tried (30 different pairs!) met all his achy (and smelly) feet needs.

NeverQuit socks combine all the feet-pleasing features Leo wanted. The socks provide extra support and extra comfort with hexagon-shaped footpads that absorb impact and reinforced arch supports that thwart fatigue. Mesh ventilation keeps things breathable, and there are anti-blister tabs built
in, too. But maybe the most impressive thing about these socks is the zinc-oxide infused, antibacterial fabric they are made with. It prevents odor, so the socks can be worn for seven days without being washed—no, really, we mean it. Pull on a pair and feel fresh on your feet, all day (and week) long. Read More Read Less