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Great desk toy!

5/11/2019 by Krystie

Perfect for your work desk! Co-workers, adults and kids all love playing with it while in my office. Perfect little fidget toy that looks unique sitting on my desk.


A Fun Gift!

1/22/2019 by Joan

I sent this to my son-in-law, for his amusement and my granddaughters. They all loved it and thought it was fun!


Best adult fidget toy evah

8/14/2017 by Wendie

My D-i-L is a high school guidance counselor and needs fidget toys on her desk to allow her students to avoid eye contact. She loved this one! Actually, she and her husband couldn't put it down when they played with mine, so I gave it to them. :) Love it that it's wood, not plastic.



12/17/2016 by Joy

I purchased this as a gift. But when it arrived in the mail,I soooo wanted to take it out and play with it! I know they will love it!


Playable ART Ball

12/2/2016 by Susan

This is really a gift for someone else, but I did take it out of the package and play with it a bit before wrapping it! It's a good stress reliever and will be a colorful addition to my co-worker's desk.



1/23/2016 by Jennifer

Love this very much!



1/11/2016 by Judith H

I liked this so much that I sent it to my grown daughter for Christmas. She liked it too and we spent some time searching for other items by Playable ART. I'm looking for the CUBE next, or maybe the sticks. The colors are my favorite ones.

Fun to try getting it back in the box. We did it.



9/6/2015 by Megan

I adore spheres, I love color, I'm a big kid at heart, and a photographer too... These lovely ball sets are fabulous! (I actually have 3 sets!) I have even used them in my photography.

Well-made with quality materials and vibrant, cheerful colors. Their movement is fluid and smooth. They even detach and snap back together.

I adore them!


Adult daughter loves this

8/15/2015 by Veronica

How ;to artfully procrastinate!



6/13/2015 by Linda

Fun to fidget with, relaxing.

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The Beyond 123 Story

Beyond 123 - Desk Art & Toys

Art Meets Play

We all know the phrase “look with your eyes, not with your hands.” From a New York company called Beyond 123 comes an art piece made for both decoration and play. Playable ART is irresistibly touchable. In fact, our testers found them hard to put down.

Created by German designer Bernd Liebert, Playable Art is a series of boldly colored interlocking beechwood balls that can be manipulated in countless artistic shapes and patterns. As useful for keeping fidgety hands busy as it is pleasing to the eye.

Go ahead, reach out and touch this work of art. It's every bit as fun to play with and visually
appealing as it looks. Read More Read Less