Natural Deodorant Sensitive Formula Kit Case of 12

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It works

5/25/2020 by KJ

Easy to use; non-scented and effective.


Wonderful product!

12/1/2019 by Holly

Does not irritate or cause lumps. Works great!!!


simply perfect

5/10/2019 by Candice

This is a truly wonderful deodorant. It is a pleasure to use: easy to apply, fresh and soothing fragrance, and has long-lasting effectiveness. I never imagined I would think of a deodorant product in this way, but I actually look forward to putting it on!


Hallelujah! Finally, an All Natural Deodorant I Can Use and It Works!

5/3/2019 by Valerie

This deodorant is the BEST I have tried and it works like a dream! I have spent a ton of money on natural deodorants since leaving the world of chemical antiperspirants but they kept causing my skin to break out or they were not effective, or whatever.

This deodorant is AMAZING! I went with the unscented version since I've had so many problems in the past. It's totally worth the money and it WORKS!


Pleased with this product!

3/17/2019 by Kathryn

It is very reassuring to know that I am using a deodorant without any harmful chemicals in it. I think it is doing its job as well.


Nice soft scent.

4/22/2019 by Kathy

had my doubts, but I really like this product. It does go on a little thick, but softens after a few seconds. The lavender scent is nice and not over powering.


Natural Coconut Oil Deodorant

3/18/2019 by Katherine

I have found this deodorant very effective but a little dry to apply. I think it may soften when the weather warms up a bit.


It works but leaves white marks on my cami’s

5/27/2019 by Linda

I really like the product; I think it works very well and protects me all day long. What I don’t like are the white marks left on my dark colored cami’s. Any suggestions to avoid this?


Not great

8/4/2019 by Lorilee

Hard and sticky. Doesn't spread well. Will not buy again.....


I threw it away

6/26/2019 by Debra

I really wanted this to work. Not only did it not seem to do anything, it requires a lot of pressure to use it. The pressure irritated to the point that I had to discontinue use of ANY underarm products for several days.

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The NONIKO Skin Story

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  • Natural Skin Care

Naturally Fresh

NONIKO co-founders Sephra Regan and Kerri Leslie are all about clean beauty products for women. When Kerri was pregnant she wanted to switch to natural deodorant, but she struggled to find any that she liked (or that worked well). She teamed up with Sephra, an esthetician, to create just what she wanted. They struck the perfect balance between natural and effective with their coconut oil deodorant, and soon expanded to create cleaner skincare for the rest of the body.

They’ve taken an equally fresh approach to help skin look and feel soft, smooth, and refreshed. With things like a hydrating
mist, a detoxifying mask, a relaxing bath soak and more, you can treat your body to an experience with skin-pleasing benefits. We appreciate Kerri and Sephra’s commitment to keeping things natural and their focus on helping women feel good about what they’re putting on their bodies. Read More Read Less