North Country Wind Bells

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12/28/2017 by PAT

When I first looked at this item the site did not include audio files for all the various bells. Hard to purchase if you couldn't hear the one you are interested in. Within a few days of customer comments the site was updated so you could hear every type of bell. All of the optional charms were added for purchase as well. What great service by The Grommet and the makers of the bells! Based on the ability to hear the Door County Wind Bell and pair it with the charm I wanted, I placed an order. The wind bell is well made and beautiful. Hearing it will bring back wonderful memories of Door County trips for years to come. Thank you for the incredible service!


Great reminder of previous vacations.

12/28/2017 by Bob

I bought this for my wife because of several trips to Boston in the past. The Boston bell is a sound that she really loves and this bell really reminds us of our previous vacations there. We live on the West coast and the sound of harbor bells is a wonderful sound when the wind blows (a lot most afternoons here on our bay).



12/28/2017 by Donna

Ordered the North Country Wind Bells with red bird. The sound is beautiful and like no other windchime I've ever heard. Quality is excellent. It's been very windy here and I'm loving the beautiful sounds.


Great quality

12/28/2017 by Shirley

I’m very happy with this. Sounds great & quality is good.


My dad's favorite Christmas present. Hands down.

12/28/2017 by Jenni

My parents live in Kansas and visit me in New England every year or so. The fact that they can now have a wind bell that mimics the sound of the buoys just outside my house is amazing. Great item!


Love the sound!

12/28/2017 by Rhonda

I ordered two - one for me and one for a gift. I love the sounds the bell makes and the cardinal is just right for my bird-laden yard.


Chime Samples

12/12/2017 by Sarah

I am planning on buying one of these chimes as a gift. I was able to find chime samples under the details section of this page for anyone that is having trouble locating them.


Still Going Strong

12/8/2017 by Kathryn

Our family was gifted with one of these bells 20+ years ago. It has at least been hanging by our front door all year round for the last 13 years in WA state. We chose to let it rust naturally, but despite its aged appearance, it seems indestructable! The sound is as clear as brand new. Buy this with confidence! Love all the new designs.



12/8/2017 by Clair-Annelle



cool bell

6/26/2020 by bob

Very well made--the only hard part is trying to find the right spot where it will catch the wind and chime.

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The North Country Wind Bells Story

North Country Wind Bells | Buoy Wind Bells

Sound Of The Sea

Jim Davidson was a lobsterman in Maine for years. Buoy bells chiming as he hauled in his lobster traps was a favorite sound—equal parts peaceful and melodic, and an indicator that he was safely close to harbor.

Jim was so enamored with the sound that he and his wife, May, began creating their own wind chimes to capture it. Their North Country Wind Bells are made at home in Maine and capture the tones of over 20 coastal and harbor bells.

Each location has a distinctive sound—from Bar Harbor to San Francisco—that Jim and May have carefully recreated. They started by recording as many local bells
as they could. They then fine-tuned their own bells by ear until the sound was just right.

The bells and windcatchers are crafted from recycled steel by many of the locals in the Davidsons' small town, and should last for at least 20 years of coastal-inspired sound.
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