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Wearable Candles

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2/13/2019 by Mary

Purchased this for my daughter. Took a little while to arrive, but she loves it.


Love and Purpose

2/7/2016 by Rebecca

Lovely fragrance and enjoyable massage oil to soften skin.


Beauty all Day

2/7/2016 by Rebecca

I enjoyed the aromatic in my home and the massage oil fragrance on my body.


Wearable Candles...Love, Love, Love

4/19/2015 by Sandra

Bought this candle as BD gift for DD. She was so happy with the candle and the fragrant smell that filled the room when she opened it........without even burning it. Sits beside the kitchen sink and after washing dishes, using it on hands is the best. Would definitely recommend.


Wearable candles

2/3/2015 by Brenda

I use this as a perfume and a room freshener. I have gotten many compliments as people ask what fragrance I use. The candle burns a long time. I love the fragrance.


Great scent!

12/11/2014 by Maryann

Love scent as a candle and a moisturizer…makes an awesome gift.


Fancy - delightful

12/8/2014 by Andrea

That is all.


great aroma

6/28/2014 by Donna

Great product; smell was permiating; was a great hand softner. The only downside was that it did not last as long as it had said on the advertisement.


good choice

5/20/2014 by Janet

It was a gift and the fragrance and texture of wax on skin was commented on very favorably.


Pleased with Purchase

3/23/2014 by Linda

Fragrant and fun!

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The Objects with Purpose Story

Objects with Purpose - Natural, Wearable Candle

Awaken the Senses

Ianthe Mauro’s love for candles dates back to her school days in Boston in the 1970s, when her teacher would light a candle each day and encourage students to focus on the beauty and strength of its flame. Ianthe continued to make candles a part of her daily life, but she worried about the toxic contents of some varieties. She was inspired to create her own line of nontoxic candles, with a unique twist: Ianthe’s candles are designed to be worn.

Each of her candles is hand-poured with a clean-burning wax that contains organic coconut, apricot, and shea butters, along with a proprietary blend of
essential oils for fragrance. The wax burns at a low temperature, so you can use it as soothing body butter when it’s warm (perfect for moisturizing and massages) and a solid perfume when it’s cool. Her scents are sophisticated and appealing, including the soothing Fight or Flight, laced with jasmine and vanilla; vibrant Dahlia, with rose and lychee; Gifted, which combines white tea, fig, and tobacco in an alluring blend; and Archetype Rising, a meld of peony, cucumber, and firewood. All of the elements—from the organic butters, essential oils, and cotton wicks to the glass containers and reusable muslin packaging—come from U.S. suppliers.

We’re accustomed to lighting candles to add ambiance to a room. Ianthe’s company, Objects With Purpose, takes the candle-lighting experience even further. You can light a candle, massage the warm wax into your skin, and enjoy the scent throughout the day. For yourself or someone special, it’s a thoughtful, positive gift for the senses.
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