Single Non-Slip Pet Bowl & Mat Set

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Works great!

7/25/2018 by Bonnie

A bonus for a puppy who likes to play in her water bowl!!


Another gift

7/25/2018 by Gilbert M

Bought this for my daughter's dog when I saw the dog struggling with the dish she uses. Both daughter and dog are happier now.


works great!

5/18/2018 by Judy

I have a cat who enjoys splashing and sloshing water everywhere, and any regular bowl he will just tip over for fun. I had bought a dog bowl before that had a rubber foot band, and it worked okay but not perfectly, and the quality of the bowl was not great, because it got rusted around the outside edge. When I saw this setup I thought it would be a great option for me. This thing sticks like crazy to my tile floor! In fact, unless you pull it up by the edge you literally cannot pull it up! It is some crazy strong suction. The bowl itself also stays suctioned in place, which is great. So the little crazy cat still splooshes the water, because he plays in the bowl with his feet, but the bowl and mat don't move, and the water splashing is contained by the mat itself--which is quite nice and better than the mess all over the tiles I used to have. The only thing I think they should consider is to make even another larger size in this, because I bought the larger bowl (I have 4 cats that need water) and it really isn't very big (it does hold the advertised 4 cups of water, if you fill it full to the rim). I think a large dog would need a LOT bigger bowl than this one.
Long story short--YES! IT WORKS! I am pleased with the purchase.


Works great!

5/18/2018 by Cindi

Very happy that I purchased it. I use it for Mocha's water.


Best invention

5/16/2018 by Margi

Love this bowl. My cat had a bad habit of pawing at the bowl and spilling the water everywhere. This bowl stays put and no more cleaning up water on the floor.



5/16/2018 by Sherry

Finally a bowl my cat can’t turn over!!


great product

5/15/2018 by debbie

We used to find the bowl on the far side of the room, not any more. The dog appreciates having his bowl staying put.



5/15/2018 by Sharon

The bowl is too small, but I had a larger one that fits and it works super


Love the Bowl

5/11/2018 by Melissa

I just wish it was a bit bigger, I have a large dog and have to fill quite frequently. Otherwise, keeps floor clean around bowl.


This is exactly what I needed!

3/25/2018 by Janice

My two cats have to have elevated bowls so they can eat when they like without having the dogs involved.
I was actually duck taping their bowls to the top of the bookcase.
This works so much better and is easy to clean.
Thanks for a very useful product!

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The Ono Story

Keep your pet’s bowl from moving.

Pet Placemat

The non-slip, spill-proof silicone pet bowl mats from Ono can tidy up mealtime for your four-legged family members. Their design is molded, which makes sure your pet’s bowl stays put, preventing spills and catching any mess.

The food-grade silicone creates a tight seal against flat surfaces, and—like its refillable stainless steel bowl counterpart—it’s super easy to wash. With most bowls, the wet food dries, hardens, and sticks, but with this one, the pet parents in the office really appreciated that it comes right off.

Ono’s raised inner edge catches liquid spills and the tapered outer edge
keeps pets and kids from pulling the mat up. It’s easy for cats and dogs to eat and drink from—and even easier for you to keep the feeding area clean. Read More Read Less