Single Non-Slip Pet Bowl & Mat Set

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Does Not Scoot

3/20/2018 by cynthia

Well-designed, easy to clean, protects the floor, and does not scoot along any surface as the dog eats. Absolute success from first meal. The dog and I both love it!


Really is non-slip

3/11/2018 by Dawneane

Our cat used to push his food bowl all over the kitchen. Now it stays in one place and we don't trip over it. Just what we were hoping for. It works and is easy to keep clean.


No more scooting bowls

3/11/2018 by Lauren

Very happy with this purchase. No more scooting bowls around the floor and no more noise from dog tags hitting the side of the bowls since the silicone goes up the side of the inner bowl. Mealtime has become a quiet experience. The inner bowl fits snuggly in the mat, yet comes out easily to clean.


Non-Slip Pet Bowl

3/7/2018 by Colleen

I love this bowl! I have one Cat who will look you straight in the eyes and purposely tilt the bowl over to watch the water go all over the kitchen floor! When first set the Non-Slip bowl he did not know what to do. Thank you!!


Excellent product

3/4/2018 by Stephen

No spil, no fuss. Bowl stays in place. The overlap keep the mess to a minimum.


It works!

3/3/2018 by maureen

Finally, my dog Cody has met his match/.....he is unable to flip this bowl!
Say hello to cleaner floors!


Does the trick

3/3/2018 by Erik

Very nice design. The bowl is easy to keep clean, the map is heavy and non-slip and you can even use other bowls as long as they fit.


Work great!

2/20/2018 by Jim

Our dog used to move the bowl all over the floor when eating, this bowl does not move at all. Highly recommend.


Needs to come in a larger size...

12/10/2018 by Susan

I really love this for my dogs, but they really need an extra large size for the big guys. I have a Saint Bernard and it just is not big enough for him. The medium-large is just right for my 50#Husky Lab, but really wish it came larger for the Saint.


Works fine

3/5/2018 by Debora

I bought three of these for my Bostons. They were shallower than I thought they would be but I just put in the old deeper pans and that keeps the food more contained. The nonslip feature works fairly well on my textured linoleum. Not completely nonskid but sure better than the pans alone...

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The Ono Story

Keep your pet’s bowl from moving.

Pet Placemat

The non-slip, spill-proof silicone pet bowl mats from Ono can tidy up mealtime for your four-legged family members. Their design is molded, which makes sure your pet’s bowl stays put, preventing spills and catching any mess.

The food-grade silicone creates a tight seal against flat surfaces, and—like its refillable stainless steel bowl counterpart—it’s super easy to wash. With most bowls, the wet food dries, hardens, and sticks, but with this one, the pet parents in the office really appreciated that it comes right off.

Ono’s raised inner edge catches liquid spills and the tapered outer edge
keeps pets and kids from pulling the mat up. It’s easy for cats and dogs to eat and drink from—and even easier for you to keep the feeding area clean. Read More Read Less