Single Non-Slip Pet Bowl & Mat Set

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Wish It Was Bigger

10/12/2018 by Gail

This non-slip bowl amd mat set is a great concept. I was excited when I saw it, however, the large bowl needs to be a little deeper and the mat needs to be larger to catch the water that drips after drinking. I have a pug who needs a bigger mat to catch water that dribbles when she drinks. The water still goes under this mat. The materials are good quality and are easy to clean.


asking a question

9/19/2018 by david

I've purchased other silicone mats and when you go to pick them up they flop and the captured water splashes everywhere. How's this one do with that?


Too small or all but tiny dogs

8/1/2018 by Hal

Bought this thinking 32ozs was enough if refilled a couple of times a day. But it’s really not unless you have a tiny dog. I would buy again if they tripled the size, but ended up giving mine away to someone with a lap dog.


Too Small

3/5/2018 by Michael

This product is a great idea, but the "large" bowl is too small for large dogs. I love the non-slip feature and the easy clean mat, but the bowl is too small for our golden retriever. Our golden retriever loves to drink water, especially when it is hot. Unfortunately, the bowl is too small for her. It just does not hold enough water for her needs.



7/19/2018 by Adele

Wish I could post the photo of what the food/water “field” looks like after my bulldog ate. Looks pretty much the same as his other bowl I feed him from. Great that the bowl doesn’t slide around. That’s a huge bonus. But that’s also why I place his current dish on a scatter rug. The photos of the dogs pictured must be miniatures b/c the bowls are too small for a full sized bulldog or Labrador. Plus the surrounding mat is about 25 times too small to collect anything other than an occasional drop. Great idea, but more thought should have been in the size/design as to why someone like me would want to purchase this.

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The Ono Story

Keep your pet’s bowl from moving.

Pet Placemat

The non-slip, spill-proof silicone pet bowl mats from Ono can tidy up mealtime for your four-legged family members. Their design is molded, which makes sure your pet’s bowl stays put, preventing spills and catching any mess.

The food-grade silicone creates a tight seal against flat surfaces, and—like its refillable stainless steel bowl counterpart—it’s super easy to wash. With most bowls, the wet food dries, hardens, and sticks, but with this one, the pet parents in the office really appreciated that it comes right off.

Ono’s raised inner edge catches liquid spills and the tapered outer edge
keeps pets and kids from pulling the mat up. It’s easy for cats and dogs to eat and drink from—and even easier for you to keep the feeding area clean. Read More Read Less