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Female Urination Device Case of 3 - Sample

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Wheel chair pee

6/26/2017 by Deidre

I would like to see a product that allows someone who is sitting in a wheel chair and cannot access the bathroom, pee sanitarily into a container while seated at the edge of the chair.



11/13/2015 by Dawn

I was skeptical, but this worked exactly as advertised. I would have preferred a separate "disposal bag" for the used ones, but otherwise it's great.


soooo practical

10/4/2015 by M-Ruth

As a biker chick grsndma, finding that "discrete place in the woods" is often difficult. Can't wait to put these to good use.


These will be useful.

6/9/2015 by Claudia

Very excited to find these. I haven't used them myself but gave them as a gift to my more adventuresome daughter. I couldn't believe how quickly they were shipped to me. Very please with the whole experience.


Bought for the G.F

4/30/2015 by Norman

Got the dirtiest look and that you and your money wasted speech...... then a few days later she said what the heck.... well as it turns out I'm not so crazy ;)


great idea

12/22/2014 by Verna

I suggest you practice using one at home before before you try using one outside the home. It took a few tries before I got the hang of it. If I am ever on a car trip with no access to a restroom or the restroom is filthy, I will be glad I have these in my glove compartment. Carrying some TP and a plastic bag might be a good idea too.


Wonderful device!

9/8/2014 by Tara

I deliver packages to the countryside all day, and am often on the road for 9-10 hours. The problem with delivering packages is that you can't stop and go "Hey, mind if I use your bathroom?". I was restricting my fluid intake, which during the summer is dangerous, and having chronic UTI's from holding it all day. But when your other choice is to squat, I'd rather hold it! These are a game changer. It's simple to use (I do HIGHLY recommend using them at home first, it took me about 5 tries to 'get it', to where I trusted using them out on the road), discreet, and it's simple to find a relatively secluded spot, pull over, relieve myself, and carry on. I love these, and have been introducing them to the other drivers. Highly recommend these.


don't for sure but like the idea

8/27/2014 by Virginia

Having just returned from UK, Ireland I have not needed the device but had it in my purse just incase. Shared it with the women on the trip just in case they needed that help. I will continue to carry it overseas for assurance. good product idea.


Shipped Fast

8/26/2014 by Sarah

Haven't used it but the idea is great.
Ideal for hiking, camping, concerts etc.


Practice at home

8/12/2014 by Edith

I tried it out at home and found you have to be sure to position the device carefully. It would be difficult to use with certain pants. Best to use with pants with front zipper.

You will still need to pull your pants down enough to place the device.

Also to wear a long sweater as camouflage.

Still better than squatting. :0

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The P-Mate Story

P-Mate - Female Urination Device

Stand Tall

If a man finds himself without access to a restroom, he can simply turn his back for privacy. Now, the same can be said for women. Easy to use with everything from pants and shorts to skirts, P-Mate is a disposable, recyclable, cardboard device that allows women to discreetly relieve their bladders while standing—no dropping your drawers required.

Appalled by some of the unsanitary bathroom facilities she encountered while traveling through Indonesia, the Dutch born creator of P-Mate, Moon Zijp, was inspired to come up with a solution. Thoughtfully engineered to fit neatly in a pocket, purse,
or backpack, this leak-free, biodegradable device is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, musical festivals, tailgating and more. It has even been used by women in the military.

The folks at P-Mate call it hygienic freedom. We call it a welcome relief from holding it in, withholding liquids, squatting, and hovering.
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