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P-Mate can be helpful, if you don't rush

5/10/2015 by Janet

The concept is great, but must not be done when in a hurry( which,alas, was my experience). I rushed and used the wrong end!
You know what happened... Take your time, if you can, and good


not the best answer to a problem

7/25/2014 by theresa

in order to use this you would have to be somewhere where you could just squat and pee. It's almost like giving you a fake penis but if you're wearing slacks --- impossible!


Forget it.

7/25/2018 by Margery

Didn't work very well


Does Not work for me!

12/22/2016 by Carol

Does Not work for me!


No really as great as you'd think

12/10/2015 by Sara

I purchased P-Mate through the Grommet this year, in preparation for the music festivals and camping trips I would go on. I do this several times a year, and was hoping for an alternative to port-o-potties and woods squatting.

But, I've gotta be honest, it's a lot easier to squat in the woods than it is to use this thing.

The cardboard should be thicker and more sturdy, as the pee easily overflows and the cardboard buckles and is saturated quickly. I've used this thing wearing dresses, shorts, bathing suits, and I always have the same catastrophe (literally) on my hands.

I thought at first I wasn't using it properly, but I was. The problem lies with the product, unfortunately.

There are other products, like "Go Girl" which are more of a tube and also reusable, and come with a container to put them in afterwards. I'm sorry I bought these before I discovered Go Girl.

It's a great idea, but the actual product needs to be developed better.



6/20/2016 by Margie

I did not like this product. I found it to be a waste of money. It was difficult to figure out how to use it. I would not recommend this product.


Peed my pants :(

5/27/2016 by Marcella

Thought I'd try this promising device at home before I went out on a hike.
Good thing! I followed the instructions which seemed simple enough, but a bit cumbersome. It requires keeping unzipped pants from falling down and keeping underwear away from interfering as you hold the device.
Possible explanations could be:
- don't have a full bladder
-be more dextrose
However, if you were to be successful, pulling the device away without spilling would be a challenge.

I haven't given up completely. It might work better to use as a way to channel the 'stream' as you squat!



7/4/2015 by Ann

Tried it yesterday. Not pleased with the messy soggy results. I wish I could get my money back.

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The P-Mate Story

P-Mate - Female Urination Device

Stand Tall

If a man finds himself without access to a restroom, he can simply turn his back for privacy. Now, the same can be said for women. Easy to use with everything from pants and shorts to skirts, P-Mate is a disposable, recyclable, cardboard device that allows women to discreetly relieve their bladders while standing—no dropping your drawers required.

Appalled by some of the unsanitary bathroom facilities she encountered while traveling through Indonesia, the Dutch born creator of P-Mate, Moon Zijp, was inspired to come up with a solution. Thoughtfully engineered to fit neatly in a pocket, purse,
or backpack, this leak-free, biodegradable device is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, musical festivals, tailgating and more. It has even been used by women in the military.

The folks at P-Mate call it hygienic freedom. We call it a welcome relief from holding it in, withholding liquids, squatting, and hovering.
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