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Female Urination Device Case of 3 - Sample

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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11/11/2015 by Clarissa

Hilarious gag gift for that special person you know that ALWAYS has to pee!


Fingers Crossed, not my legs!

10/25/2015 by JoAnn

I'm putting these in the glove compartment and giving some as gifts. For those occasions when you just gotta go we will not all be prepared!



10/13/2015 by Kathleen

Great idea!


Don't leave the country with out this!

10/4/2015 by Gail

Awesome product if your heading to a 3rd world country. We were in China and I wish I had this product then!!!!


Great functionality!

9/25/2015 by Alison

I am buying more of this terrific creation. You can stand up and pee ladies! If you have difficulty crouching down this is a lifesaver. Though I can see from the remarks of others that they may have had difficulty with the following 2 concepts, you must be sure you do two simple things for this device to work without any problem at all: 1) you must make sure that the device not ripped, is fully opened, and is placed firmly next to your body without gaps and 2) you must be sure that you are COMPLETELY done going to the bathroom before you take the device away. The paper and its coating are substantial and easy ripping the product is not a problem. Thank you P-Mate!!!


Fantastic device

9/23/2015 by mariz

A very good device to bring with you especially on the plane. No spills at all and very convenient to toss it out. Buying 3 packages from The Grommet is much cheaper since other online site sells it per package.


Great for hiking or kayaking

9/5/2015 by Carrie

I just used these on a kayak trip. They work great when your out of doors and nowhere near a bathroom.


Most Excellent Idea !

8/1/2015 by Patricia

I wish these had been around my entire life. Would have been so helpful and comforting in so many situations. We woman have to put up with a lot but this problem is solved. Thank you creators !



8/1/2015 by VIVIAN

I recently used the P-Mate while on a fishing trip down the Delaware. With two male fishing mates close by, I was able to "stand up and pee" discretely – no muss, no fuss. From now on I will be certain to carry it on walks, hikes, fishing and other times when ‘facilities’ are lacking. Just put it in a plastic bag with a packet of tissues and you’re able to ‘’go’ where the guys ‘go’. Bottom line? A great idea.



6/21/2015 by Gail

I was very impressed with the "P-Mate". It works incredibly well for what it is. Because I go out rockhounding, camping, and hiking often, I carry some in my glove compartment, my camping things, and my backpack.

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The P-Mate Story

P-Mate - Female Urination Device

Stand Tall

If a man finds himself without access to a restroom, he can simply turn his back for privacy. Now, the same can be said for women. Easy to use with everything from pants and shorts to skirts, P-Mate is a disposable, recyclable, cardboard device that allows women to discreetly relieve their bladders while standing—no dropping your drawers required.

Appalled by some of the unsanitary bathroom facilities she encountered while traveling through Indonesia, the Dutch born creator of P-Mate, Moon Zijp, was inspired to come up with a solution. Thoughtfully engineered to fit neatly in a pocket, purse,
or backpack, this leak-free, biodegradable device is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, musical festivals, tailgating and more. It has even been used by women in the military.

The folks at P-Mate call it hygienic freedom. We call it a welcome relief from holding it in, withholding liquids, squatting, and hovering.
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