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Female Urination Device Case of 3 - Sample

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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a necessary convenience

6/20/2015 by CGW

Very practical and useful. This is a re-order for me and will continue to use them.



4/10/2015 by Jim

The P-MATE is also perfect for men and boys who are passengers on long road trips when, for whatever reason, you cannot stop to "go". I'm going to explain this as modestly as I can, and lets all be mature here...

If you are wearing loose shorts, the P-MATE can slip up the inner leg where the leg band of the underwear (if you are wearing it) can be lifted, and this will allow you to funnel the urine into a container.

But for many guys who are wearing pants with zippers, we all know that, when sitting, the zipper doesn't align with where your guy-parts are; so we either have to pull our pants down and attempt to aim into a bottle that has to be held in an awkwardly non-upright position, or illegally remove our seatbelt and turn around into a kneeling position to aim into a container while giving passers-by an eyeful.

With the P-MATE, you don't have to go through all of that. All a guy has to do, while in a sitting, buckled-in position, is
just tear off the small end wall of the P-MATE,
pull down the pants zipper,
place the P-Mate beside or south of the zipper,
and place his guy-part in through the removed end wall while directing the other end of the P-MATE into a container.
Simply cover yourself with a shirt, jacket, towel, blanket, etc., for privacy. It may sound complicated, but it isn't!


Smart design!

3/30/2015 by Carrie

This has got to be the smartest thing in female products since the first mini-pad. I bought these for my concert/festival going, bar hopping, 20-something daughter and neices. They were thrilled!


Well worth the money

3/20/2015 by Veronica

I was hoping to not use them on my trip to Africa, but I always kept a pack of P-Mates inside my purse just in case. As predicted, there came a time where there was no way to sit, squat, or otherwise be near the toilet, so I successfully used the P-Mate!
It was worth purchasing, always knowing that I could go to the bathroom when I needed to.
Suggestion: Practice with one in the privacy of your own bathroom before you venture out in the world!
Keep a small pack of baby wipes as a companion to the P-Mate.


love it!

3/15/2015 by Tanaka

I'm so thrilled someone came out with something so we women can stop squatting!



2/13/2015 by Donna

They are very functional when the need arises...great for car trips! You never know what the restrooms may be like while you're traveling...gave one to one of my girlfriends and we had a good laugh, but she'll use them when she goes camping!



2/13/2015 by Michelle

Fantastic, , all the girls in my family have tried it and are thrilled


These were a hit as stocking stuffers

1/8/2015 by Joanna

I haven't used mine yet, but they were very much appreciated by all the other ladies in the family. Frequent travelers, campers, concert-goers; everyone was excited to have these in their bag for future needs.



1/8/2015 by Joan

Haven't had occasion to use product as yet, but the order & delivery was perfect!


Have not tried yet, but seems to be very functional

12/28/2014 by Anna

Gave this product to my family and friends -
since we are in the snow belt - and can
sometimes be stranded - will keep
in the glove compartment in cased needed -

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The P-Mate Story

P-Mate - Female Urination Device

Stand Tall

If a man finds himself without access to a restroom, he can simply turn his back for privacy. Now, the same can be said for women. Easy to use with everything from pants and shorts to skirts, P-Mate is a disposable, recyclable, cardboard device that allows women to discreetly relieve their bladders while standing—no dropping your drawers required.

Appalled by some of the unsanitary bathroom facilities she encountered while traveling through Indonesia, the Dutch born creator of P-Mate, Moon Zijp, was inspired to come up with a solution. Thoughtfully engineered to fit neatly in a pocket, purse,
or backpack, this leak-free, biodegradable device is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, musical festivals, tailgating and more. It has even been used by women in the military.

The folks at P-Mate call it hygienic freedom. We call it a welcome relief from holding it in, withholding liquids, squatting, and hovering.
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