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So efficient

5/4/2020 by Maxine

These are great for packing small. They fit an amazing amount of stuff. When you get to your destination they are eady to pull out of your carry-on and hang up for easy access. I would never travel without this.


Great Organizer

7/7/2019 by Sharon

We used it on our recent Norway trip, fit well in my backpack, and holds a lot more than you would think. It was nice to pull out and hang, still keeping items organized. So very glad I found this on Grommet.


My must have travel organizer

6/26/2019 by Sue

Use this every time I travel.
So easy to organize and hang in my motel room or at someone’s house. Ray to stash away too when moving on to the next stopover. You



3/29/2019 by Jolene

This is my favorite packing accessory! Have purchased several more to give as gifts to my traveling friends!


Handy for packing too

1/26/2018 by Heather

The pack gear is very handy for organizing a suitcase and having everything immediately ready; I would also add that its helpful for keeping everything in one place so nothing gets left behind, because it can be used as "shelves" so items don't get scattered.

Additionally, I find it very useful to hang in the closet as a trip is coming up; I can quickly see what's already in there, plus keep essential travel items in it all the time so I'm ready to go. Seems well put together.


Great Idea!

1/6/2018 by Patricia

It is smaller than I expected but the concept is so good, I am going to try it the next time I travel because having travel with a large bag thru Europe, I made up my mine to cut down on the amt I take and also pack more resourcefully. I think it will work.


Well Organized

1/3/2018 by Barbara

Lightweight, well-made, convenient. Have it packed with all the basics and love how it fits right inside my carry on suitcase. Conveniently hangs up for use once I get to my destination. Great idea - smart purchase on my part.


Just right

9/15/2017 by Kiva

I use this as a stand alone pack every weekend when I travel to see my girlfriend. I keep it hanging on my laundry room door to arrange things in it to prepare for Friday, then just hang it up in my car and away we go. It's great because I can see what I have and keep things neat. I got one for my girlfriend too! Thank you to whomever developed this product. It's brilliant!



9/13/2017 by Chrissy

I purchased two! The size is perfect for the weekend getaway! I was able to pack for my son in one and myself in the other and fit them side by side in one large suitcase. When we arrived at the hotel, I just pulled them both out and hung them up and we never had to dig through clothes in the suitcase. They actually held more clothes than I expected. Very happy customer!


My Husband Loves It!

6/12/2017 by Beth

My husband travels a lot, mostly using a suitbag (that his suits fit into and it folds small enough for carryon). He has some little mesh bags he was using to separate his undies from socks from white shirts. I thought this would work better and it did! He posted a photo on his Facebook page to brag about it! Happy Father's Day, Honey!!

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The PACK Gear Story

Is your backpack as neat as this?

Backpack & Beyond

Sometimes the best way to travel is with a backpack. It’s compact and leaves your hands free, but it usually becomes a mess when you need to find anything. PACK Gear is a lightweight travel organizer that keeps your stuff organized and easy to access.

Jonathan Teplitsky is an Army member and avid traveler. While backpacking in Europe with friends, they all had the same problem—their packs were always a disaster. And reorganizing took up too much of their travel time. So they came up with the PACK Gear insert.

There are four compartments for clothes, toiletries, and other essentials. Three
sections buckle closed with mesh fronts, so you can see everything inside. The top compartment zips, and built-in hangers let you put it almost anywhere.

PACK Gear weighs less than nine ounces, and even though it’s designed for a backpack, it works for luggage and gym bags, too. Hike the Alps, couch surf, take a road trip . . . wherever you go, stay organized.
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