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It's wonderful

8/11/2020 by Barbara

This is the 2nd one. The 1st one lasted several years on my mini Ipad and it finally gave way at the edge from "overuse"! Don't hesitate to get one. It'll save your hands from the Ipad digging into your hands!


It fits great on my nook

7/4/2020 by Barbara

I would recommend this product to others


Buying one for phone now’

8/12/2019 by Dianne

I really like how simple this is. It feels very secure now when holding the IPAD to show others a video. Now I want one for my phone to make selfies easier! Thank you you for your innovation.


It works for me

7/26/2019 by Peter

Provides a comfortable way for me to hold my ipad mini. Very satisfied with this purchase.


5 stars

12/27/2018 by Mary

I like it. Any more tablets I get gets one!


A really nifty gadget!

11/17/2018 by Denise

This small tablet holder makes it easier to hold my tablet while sitting and reading. No more hand cramps! I like the usefulness of it.


Great gadget

10/20/2018 by Susan

Living in NY I take a lot of trains & this is just wonderful to hold while traveling.


Love it!

10/16/2018 by Colleen

I have a new tablet and I came back to this website to get another of these. I love these! It really helps to hang on to the tablet.


Love this.

9/29/2018 by Bryarlee

This works perfectly and it makes my tablet so easy to hold. Thanks for bringing it to Grommet!


Best holder ever!

7/26/2018 by Angelica

All the iPads in my house have one! It’s super comfortable and don’t remember someone drop their iPads, because you have a good grip this Padlette and you can holder different ways.

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The Padlette Story

Padlette - One-Handed Tablet Handle

Artfully Mobile

Padlette is a tablet hand strap that makes holding a tablet with one hand easy. Stretch the silicone over two opposing corners, and one-handed interaction becomes natural. Even gesturing or walking along, Padlette stays put.

Tablets make technology more mobile, so they’re prone to being dropped. We cover them with cases hoping to minimize the damage. But Padlette takes a different approach, giving you more mobility while minimizing the risk of dropping.

Founder Hank Baker was camping when he realized how hard it is to hold a tablet while sitting or moving. Inspired by the way painters hold a
palette, Hank came up with the design and the name.

Designed to fit most major tablets, Padlette even fits over a case. You can choose which top corner to hook it on to, with a simple design that makes it a snap to attach and remove.
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