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9/7/2015 by Kathryn A

Love the "Padlette", even though I have small hands, works very well for me. Great idea !


Great product!

9/1/2015 by Eleanor

This product was exactly as advertised. Great secure holder for mini iPad or other tablets of this size. Bravo Grommit!!



8/31/2015 by Christina

Works great! This will keep me from dropping my tablet for sure.



8/21/2015 by Janice

I put it on my Kindle Fire and it fit well. I have not had a chance to use it -but I think it is going to make holding for a longer time much easier.


Great product!!

8/13/2015 by Judith

I bought this for my sister who has limited use of her right hand. It worked beautifully and she is able to hold on to her Ipad. Great product!!!


Great for arthritis sufferers

8/3/2015 by David

As soon as I saw this on Grommet I put it in my shopping cart. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and moved down to an iPad Mini because the weight of even an iPad air was painful for me to hold.

While the mini is certainly more manageable, I still found myself trying to prop it places so that I could use it without stressing my hands. They're slippery buggers and I often found myself holding it in some fashion.

The Padlette is great for me because I don't have to use any grip at all if I don't need to. I can slip my thumb under the one loop and just let it hang and it's right where I need it without any effort on my part. I have found that for my left hand to use it well, though, I have to have it across the top right corner of my iPad. That's where the power button and volume buttons are, so I have to use care to keep it from sliding over either or it goes to sleep or gets really loud. :-)

I can use it across the other direction, it's just not as natural. I will say that I've only taken it off twice in the 2 weeks I've had it. I find it invaluable. It makes it easier to hold even if I don't put a finger through it. It's something to hold that isn't a slippery aluminum iPad.

Just know that you'll have to adjust its positioning if it crosses over the buttons.


Nice Idea

7/19/2015 by Jenny

This product works just as advertised!


Wow! This is super...

7/15/2015 by Patricia

Finally a comfortable way to hold up my iPad mini without cramping my hand -- the design allows for several different ways to tuck your hand and hold your tablet upright. Very nicely done!


Fantastic little gadget

6/12/2015 by Bernie

I love my iPad mini tablet holder- I have a standard slimline case with the cover flipping back flat to back of tablet- it was tiresome sometimes holding the mini in this way for a period of time- This way I have a little more versatility in my finger placement and it doesn't harm my regular cover-it stays on with this product. It was inexpensive- but it is sturdy and strong. Highly recommend


Solution to hand cramps!

6/3/2015 by Denise

My hands were not happy holding my tablet and this has been a great solution. I haven't tried the ball option, but the holder is secure and gives me more ways to interface with my tablet. The slight raise keeps the face safe while I now store it face down so that kitty paws can't access the touch screen. Love my Padlette!

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The Padlette Story

Padlette - One-Handed Tablet Handle

Artfully Mobile

Padlette is a tablet hand strap that makes holding a tablet with one hand easy. Stretch the silicone over two opposing corners, and one-handed interaction becomes natural. Even gesturing or walking along, Padlette stays put.

Tablets make technology more mobile, so they’re prone to being dropped. We cover them with cases hoping to minimize the damage. But Padlette takes a different approach, giving you more mobility while minimizing the risk of dropping.

Founder Hank Baker was camping when he realized how hard it is to hold a tablet while sitting or moving. Inspired by the way painters hold a
palette, Hank came up with the design and the name.

Designed to fit most major tablets, Padlette even fits over a case. You can choose which top corner to hook it on to, with a simple design that makes it a snap to attach and remove.
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