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6/2/2015 by Joanne

I bought this product for my husband. He is an avid reader. He loves it because it eliminates the hand strain caused by gripping his Nook for long periods of time


love it!

6/1/2015 by Joy

I love this item!!! I can hang onto my table in many different ways and I can stand it up at any angle I want. Thanks!


Very nice, functional product

5/21/2015 by Mike

This product is just as advertised: it does make my iPad mini easier to hold, work with and transport. The Padlette functionality allows for a variety of ways to grasp my tablet without experiencing muscle fatigue or eventual numbing because you are not locked-in to holding it in only one manner. Transporting the tablet with this device is marvelous. Hook just one finger somewhere/anywhere in the loop and carry it without worry. This is especially beneficial if you're carrying it with a pile of other items such as papers, magazines and/or mail.

By the way, Padlette is very compatible with my protective bumper frame.

It's a bit pricey (the margins must be huge), but much cheaper than replacing a dropped tablet...and you get the added value of comfort while using.


This 72 year old loves this product.

5/21/2015 by Carol

This product is pure genius. I am able to use it on my IPad Mimi encased in an otter box. I think of my Mimi tablet as a take and use anywhere, anytime.. I have already had a broken screen, hence the otterbox. the Padlette is great because it allowed me to switch between horizontal and Vertical screens without removing it and it fits the otterbox and the top otterbox screen cover fits without my having to remove it. I think it adds another layer of protection without interfering with my mini tablet's use. I also am able to slip hand written notes and other papers (tickets, itinaries, etc.) under it for when I go shopping or travel. I love this simple solution to holding and carrying my tablet.


I love it! It works great!

5/19/2015 by Martha

I love it! It works great!


Very Clever idea!

5/18/2015 by Susan

Very clever idea! I always try to carry too many things at one time and this helps so I don't accidently drop my eReader. I can even slip a strap under the finger holds and then attach it to something else. I got this one for my eReader and the big one for my laptop.


Love this Product!

5/18/2015 by Donna

This fits perfectly on my Fire HD tablet. My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter is always playing on the tablet and because of this product, I no longer have to constantly remind her to be careful. It is so easy to hold the tablet with the Padlette that she can carry it up and down stairs with ease and I am confident that she will not drop it!


Very handy!

5/15/2015 by Brenda

So much more comfortable to hold my kindle with this clever item.



5/15/2015 by Kami

I've only had it since yesterday, and already I'm a huge fan! So much easier to carry my tab 2 around with me! I love it! Thank you, Padlette and Grommet!



5/14/2015 by Connie

Love it! Works great on my Kindle Paper White! Just what I was looking for too!!!

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The Padlette Story

Padlette - One-Handed Tablet Handle

Artfully Mobile

Padlette is a tablet hand strap that makes holding a tablet with one hand easy. Stretch the silicone over two opposing corners, and one-handed interaction becomes natural. Even gesturing or walking along, Padlette stays put.

Tablets make technology more mobile, so they’re prone to being dropped. We cover them with cases hoping to minimize the damage. But Padlette takes a different approach, giving you more mobility while minimizing the risk of dropping.

Founder Hank Baker was camping when he realized how hard it is to hold a tablet while sitting or moving. Inspired by the way painters hold a
palette, Hank came up with the design and the name.

Designed to fit most major tablets, Padlette even fits over a case. You can choose which top corner to hook it on to, with a simple design that makes it a snap to attach and remove.
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