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Innovative holder!

5/17/2015 by Isabel

This enables you to hold your ipad in many different ways. You can work out which is best for you and switch hands or position of fingers to suit what you are doing. I use it on an iPad mini.


Easier way to hold iPad

5/14/2015 by Michael

I like the padlette as it is much easier to hold the device either horizontally or vertically. It is a minor inconvenience to have to nudge the strap to get to buttons.


Tablet holder

7/25/2018 by Robin

Don't love it. . Squeeze too tight.


Great idea

7/1/2018 by Steve

Definitely for small tablets.


tooo tight

11/12/2017 by Bonnie

too tight for my Kindle, and does't work with my arthritic hands.


Too small for my E readee

6/30/2016 by Bryan

Too large for myI-6 plus



1/3/2016 by Rachel

A little awkward. Need to get used to it.


Very useful

11/10/2015 by Karin

Good, but not good for what I wanted it for, which was to hold my iPad Mini while laying in bed on my side. (A little too tight and awkwardly positioned for that.) Still, useful for other times and I will keep it.


It's OK

5/17/2015 by Marc

It's OK. A bit pricey for what it is, so I would hope that it lasts.


so-so for me. but i like shopping with you.

5/16/2015 by ct

very nice design, attractive even fun to use. but it puts my hand and wrist in an awkward position, which becomes uncomfortable after awhile. i like this, but will be returning it-if i can find my reciept, that is.

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The Padlette Story

Padlette - One-Handed Tablet Handle

Artfully Mobile

Padlette is a tablet hand strap that makes holding a tablet with one hand easy. Stretch the silicone over two opposing corners, and one-handed interaction becomes natural. Even gesturing or walking along, Padlette stays put.

Tablets make technology more mobile, so they’re prone to being dropped. We cover them with cases hoping to minimize the damage. But Padlette takes a different approach, giving you more mobility while minimizing the risk of dropping.

Founder Hank Baker was camping when he realized how hard it is to hold a tablet while sitting or moving. Inspired by the way painters hold a
palette, Hank came up with the design and the name.

Designed to fit most major tablets, Padlette even fits over a case. You can choose which top corner to hook it on to, with a simple design that makes it a snap to attach and remove.
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