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a gift for my husband . . .

2/13/2019 by Rita

who is something of a honey aficionado -- he is enjoying these special honeys with his breakfast toast every morning and declares them to be really, really good !



11/30/2018 by Andrea

I love the grommet! My daughter was thrilled with these honeys as she is a honey lover. I have had the umo in my tea and it is amazingly wonderful.

Shop the grommet if you want unusual gifts. I have not been disappointed


This Honey is on the money!

7/22/2018 by JDB

I have purchased honey from local bee keepers, roadside stands, and numerous specialty honey stores/sites, and these honeys are the best by FAR!

Also, I try to support individuals passionate about their product, and businesses that foster local economy. Patagonia Bee Products is the epitome of both.

With tastes this good, both literally and figuratively, how can one go wrong!


I wanna go to Chile

5/23/2018 by Sara

I added chiles to this honey from Chile and dipped buttermilk fried chicken and lost my balance!


Absolutely incredible!

4/29/2018 by Jessica

This was an utterly life-changing experience. I've never *tasted* florals before, and in layers as they melted on my tongue! Worth every fair-wage penny. I am now ordering more for every refined palette I know to try. Incredible!


My daughter and her husband loves the honey

4/7/2018 by Jimmy

My daughter told me they really love the flavor and texture of this honey.

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The Patagonia Bee Products Story

What's the buzz about monofloral honey?

Artisan Honey

Patagonia Bee artisan honey began when co-founders Jacob Perry and Ross Ferguson trekked through Chile in 2011, and knew they had to go back. They did, and are now supporting that local beekeeping community with fair wages–and a way for them to share their unique honey.

This raw and GMO- and pesticide-free honey is monofloral, which means each small batch is sourced from the nectar of one plant—in this case, from the flowering trees of the Patagonian rainforest. The fragrant flavors are deliciously different from traditional honey, which is often a blend from many hives, and even many
countries. Any of the stand-out flavors make a tasty accompaniment to cheese or fruit or are delicious to enjoy on its own.

Because Patagonia Bee practices a hive-to-hand philosophy, each jar contains honey from hives of one beekeeper. This preserves the distinctive flavor of a single harvest, while giving an economic boost to the beekeepers.
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