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Patagonia Bee Products

Monofloral Raw Chilean Honey - 9 oz. Case of 12

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Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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6/26/2019 by Marla

Bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift. We both love it!


The Patagonia Rain Forest honey is delicious and flows like honey ought to.

4/12/2019 by Julie

I've bought two different jars of the Rain Forest honey and enjoy the lovely floral taste and smoothness of the honey.


Unusual & Tasty.

1/6/2019 by Annie

I gave the rainforest one as a gift, and the recipient liked it a lot. He said that it was floral.



12/10/2018 by Nancy

I recently received the Valdivian, Rainforest and Tineo honeys. Each flavor was delicate, unique and memorable. To get the full taste of each, I used a small spoon to thinly spread the honey on a Table Water Cracker. Anything heavier would overwhelm the flavors. This is especially rewarding with a light tea in the afternoon.


Love love love, this honey.

8/2/2018 by Bethany

I’m afraid I’m a bit of a honey snob. I have to have the right honey with my tea. And I love the citrus notes in the Tineo. Actually they are all amazing, but the Tineo is my favorite. The customer service is spectacular. I have gotten hand written notes and product updates that make me feel like a valued customer. A rarity now days. And if you have time take a moment to watch their video and visit their website. Their mission statement and care and concern for their workers and the enviroment makes me feel good about spending my money here. But don’t take my word for it, do your own research and try it for yourself. You won’t be sorry. The only downside is shipping cost. My end run around this is to purchase this from Grommet and get free shipping here with my membership. Love love love this product!



7/27/2018 by Cheryl

Very different taste to but very tasty.


Great taste!

5/13/2018 by Susan

I have used this honey on toast and in my yogurt. It has a really great taste. Not too sweet.


This is the only one I have tried

4/13/2018 by Diana

Grommets is a great place to find unique and wonderful items. This honey is one of those items. It makes my black tea a delight. Can’t wait to taste the other flavors.


Good consistency

11/30/2018 by Andrea

Well made with an excellent consistency. I am not crazy about the "full bodied taste. However, I could easily get used to it.


A unique honey...

4/12/2019 by Julie

I've bought the Valdivian honey from the Grommet before and really loved its flavor and the creamy flow. This second jar is completely crystallized and I feel it affects the flavor. Yes, I've put the jar in hot, not boiling water (changing it as it cools) and stirring the honey from the bottom, but it didn't 'turn back into flowing honey, just stayed extremely thick, just off a crystallized texture. As a former beekeeper, I know that the amount of water from the bees, in the honey cells and the timing of taking the capped honey, can affect the fluid nature of honey. Having to 'work' at melting down the crystallized product and it remaining very thick and still not tasting as great as I know it can be, doesn't seem worth the price.

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The Patagonia Bee Products Story

What's the buzz about monofloral honey?

Artisan Honey

Patagonia Bee artisan honey began when co-founders Jacob Perry and Ross Ferguson trekked through Chile in 2011, and knew they had to go back. They did, and are now supporting that local beekeeping community with fair wages–and a way for them to share their unique honey.

This raw and GMO- and pesticide-free honey is monofloral, which means each small batch is sourced from the nectar of one plant—in this case, from the flowering trees of the Patagonian rainforest. The fragrant flavors are deliciously different from traditional honey, which is often a blend from many hives, and even many
countries. Any of the stand-out flavors make a tasty accompaniment to cheese or fruit or are delicious to enjoy on its own.

Because Patagonia Bee practices a hive-to-hand philosophy, each jar contains honey from hives of one beekeeper. This preserves the distinctive flavor of a single harvest, while giving an economic boost to the beekeepers.
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