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Paw Cleaners Sample

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Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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excellent product

3/14/2016 by Thomas

The pawplunger works very well--no more muddy prints on our nice hardwood floors! And the dark muddy water I pour out is evidence of its effectiveness. My airedale is already learning to place her paws into the holes, after about 5 days of using it. She struggled at first, but now is adapting. This would be a bargain at twice the price


Amazing Product!

3/13/2016 by Brenda

We have two large dogs and live on 120acres. Spring is always the worst time of year when it comes to the dogs going in and out of the house. This has solved that problem! We dip their paws, wipe with a dry towel and they are clean and now we have no dirt or mud in our "mud room"! Outstanding product!!!


Perfect solution!

3/13/2016 by Kathy

I bought this for friends with a muddy yard and they love it. They said that nothing works better than thecPaw Plunger.


PawPlunger is a Hit

3/11/2016 by Tim

With Spring here soon and spring showers, the dogs will be out in the yard with mud and gunk. I found the PawPlunger to be helpful to wash the dirt away for both our Labra-doodle (long-hear - large dog) and our short-haired, medium sized shepherd mix. Just stick the paw in and pull it out and towel dry!


Great idea

1/9/2016 by Becky

This product works as expected, and I am pleased with the purchase.


Cleans Muddy Paws!

12/23/2015 by Helen

PawPlunger works very well on my sheltie's dirty and muddy paws. I dip each paw in once being sure to brush them against the soft bristles on the way up and they always come out clean and there really isn't any excess water that drips anywhere. I simply use a towel to dry her paws. The mud really comes right off of her white paws. I would only suggest that there is a smaller size available for small paws; even this medium size seems too large. I rinse the plunger out each time I use it and my dog offers no resistance to having her paws cleaned in this manner. The PawPlunger seems to be twice the size I need for my 22 lb. dog. Other than that, I highly recommend this paw cleaner for all dirty dog feet!



10/12/2015 by Tiffany

I haven't had too much opportunity to use it yet, but the times that I have, my dog didn't seem to mind. She already is used to having her feet wiped, so this wasn't too much more to ask her to do. It took the mud off nice and wasn't harsh on her paw going into the cup. I am looking forward to using it more during rainy, muddy days. I am very happy with this purchase!


Paw Plunger

10/6/2015 by Connie

Great product. I can't wait to use it after they spray my yard so get all the product off her feet


Works well

6/18/2015 by Margaret

This is a black plastic container with some bristles inside so that when you plunge your dog's paw in, it will remove the excess debris. I use it for taking the sand off my dogs feet when we go to the beach and when I'm in Colorado when it snows, I use it to rinse their paws off of salt that I don't want them to lick. I got the medium but it is pretty big. I could have just gotten the small for my 25lb and 11lb dogs. It works pretty well for not having them track in dirt and sand into the house and car. I keep one by the door and one in my car with a towel to wipe their feet off since they are dunking their paws into water.


Well made, great concept

6/5/2015 by mallory

I bought this as a gift, but inspected it before packing it up. It's well made and felt like it would last for years to come. The concept is simple but clever. The recipient of this says it works extremely well. She has two dogs, one of which has the sort of claws that dig into mud and get lots of dirt tracked in the house. She reports that this worked very well for cleaning his paws, so I'm very happy with the purchase!

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The PawPlunger Story

PawPlunger- Portable Dog Paw Cleaner or Car Wash for your Dogs Paws

Pawsitively Spotless

Wouldn’t it be swell if our dogs would wipe their paws on the mat before they raced into the house? Talk about a dream come true. But we live in the real world, where the next best thing is the ingenious PawPlunger. It looks like an oversize coffee mug and it works like a miniature car wash for your dog’s paws. Simply fill the PawPlunger with warm water, place a paw inside, then plunge gently. The paw-friendly bristles inside the device brush away the grime and irritants. Voila, clean paws. There are no muddy towels left by the door, no salt or chemicals from the roads to hurt your pup or get dragged onto your carpet. And that awkward wrestling match by the sink with your best friend? Eliminated. It even comes with a spill-proof lid so you can bring it along in the car.

The inspiration for the PawPlunger is LuLu, a Wheaton Terrier with a fondness for romps in Central Park. The creator is Brianne Leary (you might know her as the host of Animal Planet’s Petsburgh series). Brianne came up with the idea for the PawPlunger after countless struggles to keep LuLu’s paw prints out of her apartment. She teamed up with co-inventor Andrew Taylor to develop the idea, and the rest is history. Pawsitively genius.
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