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Does work

2/18/2017 by Beth

So this does work really well on dirty paws, however, my dog doesn't love sticking her feet in so it is a little wrangling and bribing to get it done. Also I had to remove the splash guard because it was stiff and kinda caught on her heel pads and toes. But the bristles inside are soft and really do remove the dirt.


Wife Claims It's A Necessity

10/31/2016 by Peter

We live in the rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest and it doesn't matter if it's in the yard or on the beach... this will get our BIG dog's paws clean.
Preserve your carpets, protect your clean tiles, or keep dirt and sand out of the car. This Paw Cleaner is perfect for the job!


Great udea

10/13/2016 by Kaeko

I used to use small bucket to put warm water in to wash my big dogs paws and towel off before bringing her inside. (We like to take shoes off in the house).
When I saw this product I thought its great! I could have water ready in it without a faucet near by. I think the brushes in it would be good. Have not had to use it yet, but with rain and snow? Living in an apartment instead of house, it will be handy,


Works as advertised

9/29/2016 by LouiseR

We have a mini schnauzer who gets her paws and legs wet, grass-green, and muddy on a regular basis. We keep a roll of paper towels at the front door to wipe her feet off and dry her up a bit, but this is only a surface treatment. Now, with the addition of the PP, we can actually get the dirt off before we wipe her down, and since we had to wipe her down anyway, this is only a little bit of extra effort. Our dog doesn't LOVE it, but she tolerates it. The PP is large for a small dog, in my opinion. Our dog happens to have big feet, but if she was any smaller, I think this wouldn't work for her. It's also heavy once it's filled with water, so it's actually easier, in some ways, to leave it on the ground and push the dog's paw in from above, rather than trying to hold the mug in the air with it's giant (non-ergonomic) handle. As a side note, I knew my dog would be scared of it, so while it was new and unfilled, I put it down and put treats on it and made a game of getting her to get the treats off. Then I put her paw in it without water, and more treats, etc., until she was comfortable. Now she frowns when we go through the dunking process, but she doesn't fight it, and she goes inside with relatively clean paws. Which is Good!


good for big dogs

8/7/2016 by Robyn

In the middle of rainy western Oregon winters, this is a great helper - and gets paws much cleaner than just wiping.


A floor saver in rainy season!

5/15/2015 by Pamela

Hard to get the cover off and on to fill with water. Works great otherwise.


Works well!

5/6/2015 by Bobbie

We bought this for our 5 month old Golden Doodle. Muddy walks in the spring after rains are a mess. This makes paw cleanup much easier and she's getting used to it after only a few uses. the size is fine, she's only 35 lbs now but expect her to be twice that when full grown.

The only improvement I would suggest concerns the included lid (which would be handy if you're out on the road). It comes currently attached to the handle with a bathtub chain. That's not very handy and is in the way if you leave it on. I would suggest make the cup so the lid could also snap onto the bottom when not in use.

4 easy way to clean paws!

4/24/2015 by Roz

Just got our paw plunger and have found it surprisingly easy to use and soooo helpful! It definitely works easily and my Icelandic is surprisingly cooperative about allowing us to use it...he hates to have his feet touched, but he also hates to be dirty. :-)

The plunger does a great job of getting rid of mud and most of the sand. We live in Maine and have LOTS of sand on our roads and driveways this time of year.


Clean paws!

4/20/2015 by Lora-Ellen

This product works very well. However, it almost requires two people to use it.



4/10/2015 by Deborah

works great and doesn't bother my cazy 8 month old puppy at all!

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The PawPlunger Story

PawPlunger- Portable Dog Paw Cleaner or Car Wash for your Dogs Paws

Pawsitively Spotless

Wouldn’t it be swell if our dogs would wipe their paws on the mat before they raced into the house? Talk about a dream come true. But we live in the real world, where the next best thing is the ingenious PawPlunger. It looks like an oversize coffee mug and it works like a miniature car wash for your dog’s paws. Simply fill the PawPlunger with warm water, place a paw inside, then plunge gently. The paw-friendly bristles inside the device brush away the grime and irritants. Voila, clean paws. There are no muddy towels left by the door, no salt or chemicals from the roads to hurt your pup or get dragged onto your carpet. And that awkward wrestling match by the sink with your best friend? Eliminated. It even comes with a spill-proof lid so you can bring it along in the car.

The inspiration for the PawPlunger is LuLu, a Wheaton Terrier with a fondness for romps in Central Park. The creator is Brianne Leary (you might know her as the host of Animal Planet’s Petsburgh series). Brianne came up with the idea for the PawPlunger after countless struggles to keep LuLu’s paw prints out of her apartment. She teamed up with co-inventor Andrew Taylor to develop the idea, and the rest is history. Pawsitively genius.
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