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Peanut Butter Knife Sample

Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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A Grommet Fave

3/15/2020 by Michelle Bogdan

We go through a lot of jars of nut butters and jam in this house. My hubby is PB guy. I like the fancier stuff. We have always been frustrated at not being able to remove all of the contents. We ordered this JIFE and were blown away at how well it works. We now have two!
I highly recommend!


Handy knife

3/13/2020 by DEbswe

This works well to get the peanut butter out or the bottom of the jar.


Not just for scraping and spreading

3/8/2020 by JackH

My wife got this ofr me because I enjoy natural peanut butter. Besides the obvious (getting the PB out of the bottom bulge of the container — why DO companies do that?) I love it for that first opening of the PB jar. Because that's the moment every natural PB lover dreads, when the solid brick of PB with masses of oil on top needs to be mixed. I have actually bent ordinary table knives mixing my PB. This knife, however, gets it done. It slices the initial mass apart, then mixes the oil and solid together nicely. And then cleans up beautifully.


Great product

2/14/2020 by Cathy

I eat peanut butter almost everyday and buy the largest jars I can get at the store, so this is a godsend for trying to get every last bit out of the jar!


Just what we needed!

2/11/2020 by Dianne

This knife is more wasted peanut butter jam or mayonnaise! Thank you!


I never knew what a difference it could make!

2/8/2020 by Karen

I frequently eat crunchy organic peanut butter on Melba toast for breakfast. I was stunned at the difference the knife made in the ability to mix the oil into the peanut butter and to spread it on the toast. A super purchase!


Long time coming

2/7/2020 by James

Oh the times spent trying to get every last peanut out of the jar. This knile was a long time coming but 5 stars for the person with the idea.


Like it very much.

12/30/2019 by Ethamae D

My husband likes this product very much.



12/30/2019 by Becky

I haven't used this yet but my husband has and he says it works great. I look forward to using it and will probably wish I had it much sooner!


Works like a charm.

12/29/2019 by Robin

Perfect to get every bit of peanut butter from the jar

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The PB-JIFE Story

PB-JIFE | Peanut Butter Knife

Every Last Bite

Fed up with sticky knuckles and wasted food, Maker Landon Christensen created this peanut butter knife to help solve a common kitchen problem: getting every last bit of deliciousness out of peanut butter jars. Yes, even the big ones.

Landon pulled from his art background along with his PB&J-making prowess as a dad to create the PB-JIFE. The long, stainless steel blade has a curved tip specially designed to reach into all the contours of a jar and scrape the bottom, sides, and rim. But PB-JIFE is not just for when the jar is almost done. The strong, extra-broad blade is sturdy enough to stir
peanut butter, natural nut butters, jams, thick oils, and other spreads, too. And it can deliver an ample portion to an eagerly awaiting sandwich with just one swipe. It’s one of the most helpful knives around—jar none. Read More Read Less