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Pedestal Footwear

Indoor Training Grip Socks

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Reviews (3.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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8/25/2019 by LISA

Got these for my Aunt who is prone to slipping in the house on hard wood floors.

She loves them!

They do run a little small though. Getting a larger size next time.


No slipping on a bare floor

6/25/2019 by Grace

I bought 2 pair one for me and one for my husband and we love them on the bare floors you feel so sure footed, and on the exercise mat again holding sure footed. Great idea.


great socks

7/10/2019 by Sha

great socks! a little pricey.


Can you wear them at the gym?

7/2/2019 by Peter

They are nice, feel good, and give you control. However, I cannot wear them where I workout. It's a liability issue if you drop a weight on your foot, or get the sock caught in the treadmill.
They are comfortable.


Comfortable, but...

5/24/2019 by Dee

I used my pedestal footwear today at my yoga class. They are very comfortable and grip the mat well. My only complaint is that I kept having to readjust my right sock. It would twist so the grips were on the side and the heel came off twice. I ordered the small size which is right for my shoe size, according to size chart.


Need an XL

7/31/2019 by Steven

Was super-psyched to try these until I saw that the largest size was for a 12-13 shoe size. For FB or BB players, or just guys like me with a size 14-15 shoe, how about something for us? Thanks!


I was expecting more for $30

7/14/2019 by Hermione

I thought there would be a lot of support in these socks, but they're really just yoga socks with extra sticky bottoms. There's no real support at all. Also, I wear a size 6 shoe and the size Small is still a little too big. It slides around, especially on carpet, and the top doesn't fit snugly around my ankle. I'm disappointed, especially considering the cost of these socks.


Grippy, short heal coverage

6/4/2019 by Tyson

Very Grippy! I wear a size 10.5 and ordered a Medium. The heal coverage is quite low, which makes me feel like they are going to slide off my feet. If I order again, I would go larger...


good idea, developing

8/19/2019 by Carmen

The sock sizes run small. I would have liked more room to spread toes out for balance and food exercise. The grip bottom is good, however it wears off quickly. The heal kept slipping down. I'd like to see this sock 1. develop by widening the toe box area, 2. suggesting customers select the next size up from what they usually get. 3. Shoring up the heal ankle area of the sock so it won't slip and is sturdier at the ankle area. 4. Selecting a different material for the overall sock, so that it doesn't unravel. Otherwise, great idea! The value doesn't match the price...the picture and description doesn't match the actual sock after use

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The Pedestal Footwear Story

Pedestal Footwear | Indoor Training Grip Socks

Feet First

Pedestal Footwear Makers Michael Lyon and Brendan McKee noticed folks like them at the gym working out in socks and carrying around their sneakers. It might sound strange, but by ditching shoes when you’re lifting weights or doing yoga or barre, you can give feet the opportunity to get stronger, which can help other aspects of health, like posture and balance.

The duo decided they could make something better suited to the indoor training job. Their socks have super-grippy soles that lend stability, but don’t sacrifice foot freedom.

They’re made with silver thread throughout to help control
moisture and bacteria (and the resulting odor), and abrasion-resistant thread in high impact zones like the heels.

Not only can you help strengthen your feet by pulling on these socks before you work out, you can feel an overall better connection to training, too.
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