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This little guy is great!

4/23/2018 by Kinser

My puppy LOVES this little guy! I don't know if it's the colors, the strands of yarn, or both, but, she goes mental every time she sees this. It's good for quite a bit of play time with her!


So, so cute. Wish it were more durable

5/20/2018 by Jeanmarie

My dog loves this, but if I'm not careful, she'll just sit and pull it apart, so I use it to play fetch with her; if my attention wanders, she'll methodically pull it apart. So, the smile is gone so far. I just love the design, and my dog loves to sink her teeth into it. Great for supervised play only, or it won't last long.


my sheltie loves it

11/21/2016 by D A

Great toy for dogs that like toss-and-catch games. My sheltie loves it. Very cute too.


Short lived

10/31/2016 by Brercoon

Thought this was adorable both in description and reality. We have a six month old Vizsla who had chewed off and consumed, in minutes, the top adornments. I putt it up for a couple of hours. When returned, I initiated a game of fetch to divert his attention from chewing/eating. He preferred the latter and removed an ear and a good portion of the top of the head revealing the inner core that was covered by the felted wool. On "recommendation" of my husband/vet, I was encouraged to throw it away, to avoid a possible blockage... maybe better for a smaller or older dog. While the dog loved it, the love came with risks. Total life of play... 15 minutes!

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The Le Sharma Trading Story

Help your pet support Fair Trade.

Felt Pet Toys

Not only are these natural toys fun for your pet, they’ll make you feel good, too. Each one is made by women in Nepal for fair wages, providing jobs that change their lives.

Based in the Mt. Everest region of Nepal, Le Sharma Trading gives locals steady jobs and safe work conditions. This benefits their families, too, helping send their kids to school.

Handcrafted and sustainably sourced, each toy is made from felt wool that’s all-natural and safe for pets. Besides working out their jaws, the tug toys and balls help clean dogs’ teeth. And the cat caves regulate temperature season to season,
providing a soft, cozy shelter year-round.

Each toy is biodegradable, too. So while you’re helping far-away families, you can also feel good about protecting the planet.
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