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Best Pillow Ever!!!!

4/12/2019 by James

I normally do not write reviews, but I wanted everyone to know how comfortable this pillow is. I have never had a more comfortable pillow, and for it to be non-toxic on top of that is truly amazing. It is pricey, but it was worth it to me for the comfort of the pillow and knowledge that I am sleeping on something safe.


Love it

2/13/2019 by Kelly

This pillow has really improved my quality of sleep and has maintained it’s quality. It did take a few nights to adjust, so don’t give up right away.


No more neck ache or headaches

10/7/2018 by Joanna

I bought these pillows - one medium and one light - for my boyfriend and I. We both wake up with stiff necks, shoulders and often headaches despite trying ergonomic pillows and a variety of other types. Since we’ve had these we have had no pain, no sweaty heads, nothing but excellent night’s sleep. We have named our pillows Alice and Alvin Alpaca. Don’t let the price deter you. This is an investment in your well being. Ordering one for my sister for Xmas and hope she doesn’t recognize me in this review!



7/28/2018 by darlene

Pricey yet best pillow my husband ever had. And he’s a poor sleeper.


Worth Every Cent!

5/5/2018 by Peggy

I thought long and hard before I ordered two of these pillows for my husband and I. They ARE pricey but I took the chance. Not only are the pillows luxuriously comfortable, but the bonus was an unexpected and pleasant improvement in my "frozen shoulder". After a week, I have very little pain and a much improved range of motion! There was a snag in the shipment process with my order, however both The Grommet and Malpaca bent over backwards to make things right. I could NOT be happier. In fact, I ordered two more for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts! :)


Best Ever!

4/20/2016 by Stretch

Between being a hot sleeper and tossing and turning often throughout the night, my pillows take a beating and I'm always searching for one that keeps me cool. I ordered the "full" version of this and can't say enough about how pleased I am. This pillow is literally the BEST PILLOW I've ever tried.


The best pillow I have ever had

2/12/2016 by Patricia

I also am an interior designer aware of polluting chemicals present in many items throughout our homes, so I was intrigued by this pillow. I felt it was a bit expensive but reasoned many beautiful down pillows were close to this price and I had not been happy with past purchases. I splurged on a medium firm, regular sized pillow.
It is a little heavier than most pillows but I have had the BEST sleeps ever since this pillow arrived. I used to wake at least once in the night and was beginning to be greatly affected by the dawn. No more!! I now sleep from the time my tired head touches the pillow until my alarm goes off. It's magic!


malpaca pillows

5/20/2015 by tari

i bought 2 of these pillows....i am picky about pillows and have a lot that i end up throwing on the floor.
I got one medium standard and one light standard pillow..
I love this has a very soft cover and i love how my head feels when i lay down to sleep...very comfy and i will get more in the future...LOVE THIS PILLOW !!!



11/4/2013 by Patricia

I bought the firm king size pillow and it is wonderful. It offers great support, is soft and doesn't get hot.


Very comfortable

11/21/2015 by Phoebe

I use it every day

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The Malpaca Story

Malpaca - Alpaca Pillows

Pillow Talk

Mary Anderle cares a lot about pillows. She cares about the filling (100% alpaca), the fabric cover (made from viscose bamboo) and even the thread and tags (organic materials).

You might not have given a lot of thought to your pillow, but Mary definitely has. An interior designer for more than 25 years, she became inspired to create alpaca pillows after learning about the inherent benefits of alpaca fiber. It’s lofty, inhospitable to dust mites, and it’s naturally fire retardant without the need for chemicals. Alpaca is also great for allergy-prone sleepers. Many people who are sensitive to
wool find that they’re not sensitive to alpaca, since their fiber doesn’t contain lanolin, which can hold dust and microscopic allergens.

Mary’s Malpaca pillows are hand-sewn and filled entirely with fiber from U.S. alpacas raised in herbicide-free settings. They’re not dipped in pesticide baths, and no chemicals, dyes, or bleaches are used during processing. Maintaining one of Mary’s pillows is as simple as setting it in the sunshine, which cleans and deodorizes the pillow. And did we mention the comfort factor? Utterly luxurious. You’ll feel the difference alpaca makes, every time your head hits the pillow.
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