Pill Bag Refill - 400 Pack Sample

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good buy

7/20/2020 by Carol

Very good buy on these handy bags.


Great for travel!

7/20/2020 by Kim

Really helpful product. Always us when traveling!


Pill suite

7/20/2020 by Laura

Helps me organize my myriad pills


Thumbs up

4/11/2020 by John P



Pill packs

3/14/2020 by Ilene

Works great


Convienently Compressible

3/3/2020 by Sally

These pill bags and the machine that
seals them provide a very convenient way to package your medications for an extended time and compress so they take up hardly any space. I package 30 days of pills, ten to a bag, and then tear along the perforations each day to release them. When I'm on the go, I just count out the number of days [bags] and add them to my carryon. I highly recommend them even if you do not travel.


Economical refills!

1/28/2020 by Karen

Pill pack systems from the pharmacy don't work for me as they don't honor the discount plans I have. However, this lets me still do pill packs easily and quickly at a very low cost. Very convenient and it's easy to take my meds when scheduled



1/23/2020 by Barbara

nice quality. bowl helps a lot.


Easy to keep track of your meddicine

1/6/2020 by Rick

I used many ways to sort my daily medicine by day and by time of day.

I was always worried about keeping my daily sorted medicine away from my grandkids. These packets work great. I package my pills for several days and keep the packs out of reach, I then take my daily dose and keep them where I remember to take them and by having the ability to write on each package, I know exactly what dose is next and which date I am on.

I ordered extra rolls of refill bags so I don’t run out. Very good product.


Refills a Must

11/17/2019 by Ada

I have not started using the refills but I have found in the past that if you don't order when you order the device, you cannot get the refills sometimes. I have only had my machine a week and this is starting week two. I enjoy the ease to which the machine works and the ease of which these open for us to take our medications

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